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Flowmaster is awesome!!!


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July 29, 2005
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Belmont, WV
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2000 XLT V-8
A few days ago I have noticed that my exhaust has be sounding a little funny. I crawled underneath the Explorer to inspect for loose fitting and/or holes and found that there was a hole rusted completely throught the tailpipe section just above the rear axle. I the contacted Flowmaster about purchasing a new tailpipe section and the guy asked me if I remember when I bought the kit. I told him it was about 5 years ago. He then asked if I still had the receipt which I did. He told me that the aluminized kits have a 3 year warranty on them but he would talk to his management about getting a replacement tail section if I would email him a copy of the receipt and some pictures of the damage.

These are the pics I sent him:




This is the system I have:http://www.flowmastermufflers.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=3904&ab=17364&recordID=&vehicle=2000%20FORD%20EXPLORER%20%20V8&orig=17364

I talked to him again today and he told me that his management said to send me a brand new systemat no cost to me. He said that the management had no problem replacing the tail section but in about a year or two I would end up replacing the muffler due to the rust forming also. I am very pleased with Flowmaster to say the least. My kit has been out of warranty for 2 years and they still honored it. After this experience any other vehicles I own will have Flowmaster exhaust systems on them.

I just wanted to share my experience with you guys to let you know the kind of people you may deal with in the future.

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Wow. Thats top notch customer service. Thats good to know since i also run flowmaster.

A+ for flowmaster. i know your happy :).

off subject, i bought a qt. of white herculiner and the batch was bad, emailed them and they sent me a whole gallon Kit for free($90+ value). i am stoked (got it today from fedex), so i kinda know how you feel right now :)

Beyond cool. I know what I'll ordering for my 95 and 02 limited

Fantastic!! I purchased the Force II catback many years ago and had it installed on a Saturday. The "tech" guy said there was absolutely no way it would fit and started cursing and having a tizzy etc... I asked the owner who was a decent guy if I could call Flowmaster directly and talk with their customer service. They actually answered the phone and explained it was a direct bolt on etc. The exhaust "tech" (I use this term lightly) was able to install it no problem with help from the owner. Needless to say I was very impressed with Flowmaster and also found a new exhaust shop....

i have single in and dual out 40 series flowmasters on my 01 sport

wow now that's customer service. I am a die hard flowmaster fan and this just puts icing on the cake.