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flowmaster super 40! (video)


November 26, 2008
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2002 explorer sport 2WD
well ive been meaning to post a video of my new exhaust i got a couple days before christmas...

-flowmaster super 40 catback
-2.25in piping (wanted 2.5) but i like 2.25
-3.5in tips
-single in dual out

P.S. dont mind the shirtless-ness :p:

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Sounds good, hows the drone?

to tell you the truth there really isnt a drone...

there is only a slight drone if you have your radio totally off...and even then its not even annoying...

very happy with the set-up

Sounds good man. I just got a super 40 put on and I love it too! I have the single 2.5" piping though. Looks like you had to ditch the spare?

yeah i had to ditch it and it got annoying hopping around in the back so i took it out...

i want to get a roof rack with a spare mount...

but i figure when i get headers ill open up the piping alittle more....

it sounds like my sport i got the single in and dual out but my tips are 2 1/2 inch tips.

and i still got the spare on mine

i eventually wanna get rid of my cats i still got my stock 4 cats but i am thinkin of removing like 2 of them.

yeah when i get headers.. im gonna redo the exhaust with 2.5in piping all the way through with 2 magnaflow cats

Sounds good, I like the location of the duals. Nice job!

no, i dont think anyone around here is gonna mind the shirtlessness


I thought doing it with 2.5" all round will reduce backpressure on the stock 2.25 piping?

Nice setup though, envy you. I may do that with my truck too but with a single out. How long was the process of installation?