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flowmaster videos of my truck!


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October 13, 2004
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hillsborough, nj
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98 sport

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Best representation of exhaust I've seen yet. Hearing your friend speak in the one let's you compare noise levels better.
3 questions though.

On the inside vids, windows up or down?

Do you hear a "drone" w/ windows up while cruising?

How comparable is it to a V8?

probably very helpful to newbs :thumbsup:

tnmk said:
How comparable is it to a V8?

I had the same setup (except 2.5" piping) on my '00 Sport with SOHC. Sounded pretty good. I did have some resonation issues and ended up putting in a resonator to quieten down the interior a bit. That was just me. A lot of people don't mind a bit of drone in the cab. I didn't at first, but over time I didn't like it. Wasn't nearly as bad as when I had a Magnaflow in. The Magnaflow defiintely sounded ricey at times. Not so with the Flowmaster.

I have a V8 now and can say with certainty that the SOHC does not sound like a V8 when you factor in aftermarket exhausts. While the V6 does sound fine with a new exhaust, the V8 is distinctive. The rumble is a bit lower and the engine just has a different sound to it altogether. Many people claim their V6 sounds like a V8, but having owned both, I beg to differ. I could tell the difference blind-folded.

The V6 can sound real mean with an aftermarket exhaust if you want it to. It can also be as mellow as you want. I didn't really score an aftermarket exhaust for the sound anyhow. I'm more into the performance angle when you factor in intake and programming. When I scored the V8, I got an intake on pretty soon, but it was the new exhaust the made a bigger performance gain in my opinion.

Have you looked at Magnaflow? Many Mustang enthusiasts swear by them and I've heard they sound great on the 302. I went with Flo Pro. I love the sound. Pretty mellow, but definitely a growl when I step on it. Best of both worlds. My guess is the 50 series SUV would sound pretty aggressive. Not overly loud, but you'd know it's there.

the windows were half way down. the videos that are titled inside represtent the inside the best. the only thing is that my camara picks up the bass not so good so it sounds a little funnyyou can hear a drone while curising but it is very low unless ur on the gas. my dads 98 5.2 durango with flowmasters super 40 drones alot more then mine.

mmm, sounds good! Do you have a cat or resinator?

can u still listen to the radio quietly and her it fine even witht the drone or is the drone like hard to talk over..also where did u find it for the explorer i looked on their site ad couldnt finda nything for a 99

thank bro this was exactely what i was looking for when i asked for the sound clips thanks again but i am also curious does it still drone with a lil music?

u can listen to music quietly and talk to friend. you dont have to talk over or play music over it. in my opion there is not an excessive amount of drone. my fathers truck drones louder which can get annoying after a while haha. the only drone u hear really is when the engine is cold when u first start driving and if u are at a dead stop and accelerating. otherwise there isnt much else. i hope that made sense tried to explain it best i could.

96ExplorerXL4x4 i have 2 cats my muffler is dual in/single out. i had a resinator on my stock exhaust which doesnt not excised anymore haha

TRillen i original search for a kit for my truck and i found one but when i looked under my truck to see what the deal was i saw i had a dual inlet muffler so the kit i found would not of worked. the muffler i wanted was the one i had now so all i did was find the right one on flowmasters site and got the part number and called up a shop and they ordered it for me. cost me $320 to get it done for labor, muffler, stainless steel tip, and stainless steel pipe.

hope that helps

OMG. I have 4 cats on my 02 LTD I think, so it would be a bit quieter. But I was ready to pull the trigger on a Flowmaster 50 SUV until I heard this. Def too loud for my taste. I wanted something throaty like this, but not as loud all the time. I might get the 70 now.


OMG. I have 4 cats on my 02 LTD I think, so it would be a bit quieter.

All explorers have 4 cats on them. You can get 2 of them taken off though and it won't effect emissions.

Well for me, quieter than THIS example is a good thing. I can't have a vehicle that's as loud as this example. I want something that give me a throaty idle or a low speed rumble. My vehicle is still somewhat of a family car, and I also pull a 3000lb trailer 4 hrs each way at 80mph with a car load of people. So, it can't be deafening in the cabin. That's why I think maybe a Flowmaster 70 might be best. no?