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fluid in vacuum lines/engine hiccups


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May 21, 2008
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'94 sport 2wd
[solved] fluid in vacuum lines/engine hiccups

this is a 'point me in the right direction' question:
just changed my transmission module (if interested in pictures, here's the link):
there's fluid in the vacuum lines, and my engine is having troubles:
when driving or idling, the exhaust seems to be regularly pushing out more pressure, then going back to normal. i can tell it starts at the engine, cause the engine hiccups, and then i can tell it's going out the tailpipe simultaneously. it's like my engine has the hiccups, cause it's now and then. i think it's probably cause of the fluid in the lines, but i'd like to know what line to change first, to see if it'll at least clear that up. then, i know i'll have work to do changing out the other lines, etc. any advice about the vacuum lines, or the hiccup?

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What kind of fluid (ATF, coolant, oil, gasoline)?

yeah your first step is to figure out the fluid type.

oh, i'm sorry... see, the broken transmission module caused transmission fluid to leak into the hoses.

if it sucked in a lot of mercon, it could have fouled some of the plugs. You may also want to consider doing a seafoam treatment to clean the upper and lower intake. sometimes just taking it out and heating it up good on the highway ou may also want to check your cats with a vacuum test to make sure that the mercon did not clog one of your cats. I would start with the seafoam and checking plugs.

will the cleaner free the cats? (i'll look up seafoam)

no, if the cats are clogged you may be able to take it out on the highway and run it hard to heat them up well and burn out any deposits. But if they are bad you may need replacement. This may not even be your problem, start with the easy stuff

my stepson said something about the 'corona effect', so i checked in the dark under the hood, and sure enough, i could see something glowing. after turning on and off the lights, i found it was a spark plug wire (the shortest one on the passenger side, closest to the firewall). replaced the wires, and no more chugging or hiccups from the engine. the old wire had white spots on it.