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FocusSTGuy's 98 X EB 2wd 5.0 (56k i think not)

Got this about a month and half ago from my brother, this truck has been on the family since 97 when my dad got it new.. my brother didn't want it anymore and was about to trade it in for a new car and was going to leave it for what ever they offered him so.. i took of his hands... did a major service and replaced sparks and wires.. just have to fix a leak.. but other than that its pretty nice..

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my dads 99 mounty 2wd 5.0 with only 88K miles and really nice interior, and way better than mine's. he has my stock wheels and tires didn't really like his 15 plus i had new tires.. so we traded but i only had the 15in one for 4 days and the truck never left the house..


you can say were a ford family, in ten years we have own 3 expeditions, 4 98-00 X/ mounty's all 2wds and 5.0, 5 Focuses. and 2 navigators..
but my brother and sis now own honda's and mitsu cars. so that only leaves me with my Focus and X, and my dad with his Navigator, a X, and his mounty.

and a pic of my other toys


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November 14, 2004
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nice rides u got there. We used to be a ford family too but we are not anymore.

We used to have a 89 Ford Escort Lx and 90 Ford Taurus GL and 89 Thunderbird and a 91 Explorer Sport and a 92 Lincoln Towncar and a 2000 Lincoln Towncar

Now we not a ford family anymore.


September 1, 2008
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well since it here i want some feedback.. should i take the running boards off?? just the board or the whole thing boards and flares??

also i do plan on getting a MAC or KKM intake soon, and then maybe some more go fast goodies. and complete audio system.. HU, Spearkers, Amp, and a sub.. might just replace the stock mach unit.. so it gives me more room in the back..