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Fog Light Billet Grill


November 19, 2008
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2002 Explorer XLT
I was wondering if anyone has these on there explorer? They look really custom, so I was thinking about getting them. What are your thoughts.

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I think they look ok but I prefer the lights, both for looks and function.

I have them on mine I like them better, I like the stealthy look. They don't seem to mess with the light output of my fog lights either... Heres a pic


Where did you get those? The only thing I've found is the center grilles. I've been wanting to do this for years!

the only place i have EVER seen them is ebay, and they only pop up every once in a blue moon. I paid 100 bucks for mine and had them (along with my T-rex upper and lower) powder coated mirror black by turtle. They look great, and dont really interfere with my light output from my fogs.

There is a company on eBay that does sell both the chrome and the black billet center and fog light grilles. I had the email saved at one point in time, but I apparently deleted it. I just haven't got around to ordering mine yet. It's what I need to finish up the front end of my truck. Once those are in I'll order some more LEDs and place those behind the grilles like I did with my upper grille.