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Fog light bulb question


January 4, 2016
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Ft Worth, TX
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1999 Ford Explorer XLT
So I did some searching around and could find anything on this.

Im thinking about putting HIDs in my fogs, but I'm having a problem narrowing down the bulb socket size. I went and pulled the bulb to try and figure it out, but its an H1 bulb in a socket that plugs into a factory connector. A standard H1 HID bulb isn't gonna fit like that. It looks like an H10 socket, but I cant figure this out. Any help?

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My 2000 XLT and '01 EB take an H1 fog light bulb. I believe the '99 has the same round fog lights so I guessing it takes the same bulb.

Well that's the thing, it is an H1 bulb, but in a socket/holder thing that converts it to a different plug type. The wiring that it plugs into isn't H1. So that's what I'm trying to figure out, it what size that holder thing is so I can get bulbs that got and don't need an adapter.

I would avoid the HID route if I where you... I had a HID setup in my rig, and it lasted less then 6 months, the problem is that ALL of the dirt, water, mud, ect get thrown onto the wiring and connections, along with the ballast, and ruins it all. I would suggest some good quality bulbs though, I have been running some Hella Optilux bulbs now for over a year, and they are great! they are even brighter then the HIDs I had.

Here is a link for them

first is the Yellow type, which I use, mostly for snow.

second is the white ones.

I didnt even think about all the dirt, debris, and moisture. I'll probably go with those Hella lights and stick to HIDs in the headlights only. I appreciate the help and suggestion.

I'd agree with rollover. If you look at where the fog lights are (literally out in the open behind the bumper (if you have the same ones as my '99 sport)) then a lot of junk gets thrown up over there, especially if you drive on non-paved or heavily salted/dirt covered roads. Those will quickly ruin those bulbs.