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fog light color

Hey, I have super white/blue headlight bulbs, and i want new bulbs for my fog lights too. I've seen cars that have the super blue headlights and the bright yellow (not really amber, more yellow) fog lights. I think this looks neat with the blue and yellow together on the ground. I was thinking of getting some of these bulbs, but i don't know what they are called (super yellows :) ?). Or i may just get super whites to match my headlights, what do you all think?

I think the whites would look better.

Good luck.....

well i dont know about mine i have white/blue headlamps and the stock yellow in my fogs. plus i have yellowish bulbs in my clears so they match the fogs. i think it looks ok. but its just matter of opinion. go to pep-boys and find your bulb # and get some bulbs and see what the look like.