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Fog light pods and light bar in bumper



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July 30, 2009
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1998 XLT 4WD 4.0L SOHC
Don't? Fog lights should be an amber color for fog penetration, especially not the bluer hue of LEDs. Those that market cold LEDs as fog lights are shameless.

Further, either are illegal for use on public roads. For off road use, you'd want lights mounted higher up, at least in front of the grill or better still on the roof. If you don't want them to be as noticeable, go for a full width, single row light bar which is only about 1.25" tall.

As far as trying to do what you mentioned, anything can be done if you're willing to drill holes, make custom brackets, and cut material if they won't fit in the space available. You do have a bumper right there to bolt things onto once you drill holes in it.

Beyond that you'd need to measure available space and pick specific products that fit, which you did not mention, and if their mounting brackets don't fit, figure out if you need shims or to modify them or just toss them aside and make something out of thick sheet steel or aluminum, maybe around 0.1" thick depending on light bar weight?

Most brackets are little more than an L-shape that tapers at the light end, has a hole for a swivel bolt, and two holes on the bottom of the L-shape for bumper/roof/etc mounting.

If there is a gap around the fog lights you can make a trim ring and paint it to color, but I would be cautious about filling in a gap around a middle bar due to decreased passive airflow through the radiator.