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Fog Lights On and Off

2005 Ford Explorer with stock fog lights. When I pull out on fog light switch, they will sometimes turn on, sometimes do nothing. Then when on, they will sometimes turn off on their own.

Any ideas where to start? Fuse, some relay somewhere?

Thanks all.

The fog lamps only turn on when your headlight system is on. If high beams are one, they won't work. If daytime running/parking lights are on, they don't work.

DjDom is correct, they ONLY work with the low beams on, but if you already know this, and always turn them on with the low beams, then it can be faulty switch, or a dying relay. sometimes when the relays get slightly warm it can cause an intermittent connection.

It may you have something wrong with your same wire connection.. So just make sure your wire is doing work properly and not damage or Sparke..
And push out the lamps and insert again..