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Fog lights w/o headlights

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First, if it's night, you need to have your headlights on, even if it reduces visibility. That whole legal thing...that being said, there are some other threads on this topic, some in this forum and some in the general forum. The sum of it is: don't try it. The wiring to the factory fogs is really screwy. You can't cut the circuit anywhere because all the lights function on that circuit one way or another. The fogs' power runs through the headlamp relays and the headlamps can't function without the fogs on the circuit for some reason. I tried. If you want independent fogs, get some aftermarket PIAAs, Hella's or Pilots. They'll be much better lights, and you can run 'em whenever you want.

a good friend of mine has a 1993 Taurs SHO. Anyway, his car too, would not allow the fogs without the headlights on. he found a relay of some sort, 1/2 hour install and now he can turn on the fogs w/o the headlights. (just parking lamps). im not sure where he got this kit from but i will try and find out. my 1999 allows the fogs with out the head lights so i never inquired about this kit but i know it can be done.

a good friend of mine has a 1993 Taurs SHO

Thanks for the reply, I also have a 93 SHO plus and have seen the kit for the SHO advertised in the SHO registry. I may just go ahead and order the SHO kit and see if I can apply this to the Explorer.

As far as legality to running without headlights. The intent is to use the factory fogs instead of the headlights during heavy snowfall. Still running the two lamps and running lights.

Thanks for the response !!

Gotta agree with Alec. If you are going to go to the trouble of changing something on the truck you might as well benefit from the change. Any good set of fogs is going to be far superior to the factory fogs.
I think the only reason they call them "fogs" is because of their placement.

the only time i drive with fogs no headlights is when its getting dark, or if its a cloudy day. heck i even drive like that in the rain. i used to drive like that constantly until i got pulled over and got a ticket for "no headlights".=( keep in mind that it was 6pm on a summer night, umm, not dark yet!! the factory fogs on my car are very bright and sometimes i cant even tell if the headlights are on or not ( i sometimes dont use the autolamp becuase it overrides this) for the look, i feel its well worth it.

Fog lights are different than driving lights. They tend to illuminate areas close in to the truck and wide. Driving lights point far down the road. Low beam headlights try to do a little of both. Physically, fog lights usually have a different reflector and lens than driving lights to do this. They are also often amber as the yellow wavelength travels better through precipitation and fog.