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Fog Lights


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September 11, 2006
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'02 XLS Touring
i was considering getting the XLT style front bumper to replace on my XLS.. is there any way u can wire in the fog lights that come with those or is it integrated in a switch that would be more trouble than its worth?

just curious

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Chances are the XLS wiring harness is differtn than the XLT. Thus, you would need to run your own wiring and switch for the lights. The stock fog light are activated by the normal headlight switch.

Ford actually sells a kit to install the fog lights. It's not too expensive. I bought it for my XLT when I first bought the truck. What the kit does is add an aftermarket switch.

By the way...

It's VERY easy to install... took me 'bout 30 minutes.

u got any more info on that kit?

well dude on that website it says XLT only... im talking about putting them on the XLS but i guess its just not made to be that way

if you just buy fog lights from autozone or wherever, it should come with wiring, and also a switch to turn it off and on. As for powering it, you can just splice it into your headlight power wire.

well yea i have fog lights but would it mess up voltage if i ran it straight to the lowbeams?... i guess if i get another set i would do that




i use to have the foglights spliced to my low beams, and they would only be on with my low beams

is wiring up a set of 9006 bulbs any different from wiring H3's? because i just purchased the xlt bumper for my xls with the fog lights and i have 9006 bulbs ready to put in... i had that bulb on the connector and put the positive and negative wires on the battery terminals and it didnt light up... idk if that means anything but yea suggestions would be helpful... if not ill just have to splice it with my lowbeam wires

Would this work?


this diagram shows the standard wiring harness for high and low beams... if i was to splice it as shown to a switch, would it work? the green wires are grounds, the yellow wires go from lights to the switch and the red is the splice to the power supply.. and would the low beams have to be on to enable the fog lights? if not should i put another relay in before the power supply? keep in mind these are 9006 bulbs no H3's... i already have H3's wired in this way

hi bigapple, what are the makes and models of your aftermarket lights. looks great! thanks -jim

i figured out wut my previous problem was with the 9006 bulbs... the 9006 bulbs rely on a certain amount of amperage and wattage so i consulted a guy at autozone and he pointed me at some 9145 bulbs, which are the exact same as a 9006 except that they wire up like an H3... this makes it much easier and will take practically no time to do

and stomper the lights on the entire front of my car are all sylvania silverstars, except that in the top picture i dont have the silverstar turn signals in... the low beams on mine are a 9006 but i believe ur 97 has the double filament bulb, which is a 9003 or a 9004... ask someone at autozone which one... ull be very pleased with these bulbs... just 20 for individuals and 37 for a set

haha, i already have a full compliment of silverstars on my explorer. i was curious about the makes and models of your aftermarket light kits...your driving lights on the grill guard and fog lights in the air dam. let me know and thanks.

I ran some fog lights on my xls. Run it properly with separet wiring. Don't splice it into your wiring. Use a seperate relay and switch. Will work great and when key is out lights will turn off. If your gonna splice your low bean then run new wires to your low beam with new relay too. That way your low beam switch is going to run the relay only and you get feed from fused battery line for both fog lights and low beam. Do it right and don't risk burning anything up. My setup is not any special lights (bought for 24 dollars in R&S strauss. They are H3 50 watts glass lense with amber reflector. and work great . They set out a wide beam to help me see sides better. make sure you crimp or solder all wires and shrink tube them. I will soon be getting some GE Nighthawks for my low beams and will run them with new relay. That way I get the least amount of voltage drop from battery to lights and keep my harness safe. The Nighthawks run at factory voltage, but I have read in a few places that the harness is not very efficient and has a measurable voltage drop. I use a lighted flip switch mounted just to the right of my headlight switch.


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haha im not sure wut the make is for mine... maybe "hyper white"? i got them at a local pepboys... i put in the new "crystal rod" running lights (i forget which brand) but they shoot a flat beam with a cylinder projector... it works decent and ill get picks of it once my new xlt bumper is painted and mounted... the lights on my grille guard, as far as i kno theyre "maxtel" haha but yea i got them at kirks auto parts (idk if yall have one or not).. but they come with a relay and blue coated bulbs, although i replaced them with silverstars... u can get one of the cheap hella plastic housings and just put silverstar bulbs in there... if i would have known this i would have bought those and gotten them cheaper