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Foglight Help

This is my first post, wanted to say how great this place is. Anyways, I was wondering how hard an installation of foglights would be to my explorer. I have a 2000 Explorer(Not XLT) and it has no foglights at all, just those vents. Also, would I have to go to a junkyard and get a new console that has the foglight switch on it? Because mine doesnt have that for obvious reasons.
Thanks for the help...


no there are many options you could just relay it to your parking lights or low beams that way when you have those on the foglights will be on

Also, when you buy fogs most of them come with their own switches.

I put piaa 510s in about 2months ago, they fit perfectly and I used the "vents" as brackets. Just drilled the vent out and mounted to the plastic piece, low vibration on the road too, I was quite impressed the way they turned out.