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Font-end lift '00 XLT???


August 18, 2010
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Denver, Colorado
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'00 XLT
All right, so I have a 2000 XLT Explorer, and I'm looking to lift it up to clear bigger tires and use it as an off-roading vehicle. I already have plans for a TT and Warrior shackles(They are actually in the mail right now). And I'm doing a 3" body lift. Now, what I'm wondering is, is there any other way to lift the front end of a 2000? I'm looking for solutions that are on the cheaper side. And I need help finding a body lift that will work. I already found one that I think will work, but I need some extra input. Thanks for any help!!!

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How about reading the stickies at the top of this forum? Or trying a little search?

Nexron, almost everything that your inquiring about has been talked about in length on the forum so the good thing is your not alone at all.

My 2000 EB has almost exactly the first set that your looking at and does require fender trimming for the 33x12.5x15 tires and wheels which your xlt might not need as the body package is different i think.

It has Warrior Shakles, 3" BL -pa-883, and 2" TT lift


roverz- I really dig that picture. :thumbsup:

Thanks Joe, so happy i got into this hobbie having a great time and looking forward to years of taking my two young boys and wife out with me into the great wild with A/C on. :)

Thanks for the help and the sweet pic. I did do many searches and I wanted to ask this question to see if there was any other way to lift the front besides what is talk in length here. Thank you for the help.