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for sale my system


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June 6, 2002
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96 xlt
i am selling my system:

mb quart discus component set 6.5 and tweeter
mb quart discus 5x7 coaxial speaker
1 jl audio 10 w6 woofer
1 profile california 600msx mono amp
1 kenwood 600 watt 4 channell amplifier

al components used for 2 months selling because i need money for a new car!!

make me an offer!!

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what are the dementions of the amplifier
length width hight ?

what kind of box did you have that JL sub in?

i had it in a qlogic q form in the right rear cargo area but i already sold that!!

Originally posted by njoph85
which amp???

Oops , my bad.

The Kenwood four channel

how much for the interested in doign like you did with the q logic...

the dimensions of the amp are approximately: 9 inches long, 6 inches wide and 2 inches deep

how much for the components?

How much for the california amp, and what are the specs on it?