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For Sale Trade & Wanted Forum Rules!!! Must Read!!!

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For Sale Trade & Wanted Forum Rules!!! Updated 11/25/04.

Okay, first off, all of the rules that you read when you signed up apply... Click here if you don't remember them!
Here are a few which are specific to the for sale forums...

1. You must be an Elite Explorer member to sell parts and vehicles on our forum. You must be an EF Vendor to sell commercially.

2. Do not try to sell illegal copies of ANYTHING, don't try to sell burned copies of manuals, music CD's, DVD's or any of that... This includes items that people would need a license to purchase.

3. Do not undermine someone elses sale. If they are selling a widget arm for $22 + shipping and you know where you can get one for $14 shipped, its not up to you to "educate" everyone looking to buy the item, you're just killing his/her sale and its not fair to them. If you do post something to that effect and I see it, you can expect it to disappear. I'm sure you'd be upset if someone did that to you.

4a. If you feel you must 'school' the seller then I would recomend PMing the seller and sharing your information with them, so they can decide if they want to adjust their price acordingly or wait until somone purchases their item.

4b. Do not list your items for sale in someone else's thread.

5. If you are running a business or selling thing for a business that you know, you have to talk to Rick [email protected] FIRST!!! If Rick can not confirm with me that you have permission to have your business sales up here, they will disappear.

6. Do not bump your sale more than once a day, its not necessary. When I say bump, that includes ttt or any variation of it (and the original post counts for the first day, so don't bump it 2 hours later). We'll warn you once. If it happens again, the thread will disapear. This forum is way to busy to sift through a bunch of bumps.

7. Do not repost anything that you already have for sale. You can just bump it up to the top, if you have new info on this item(s), like a lower price or anything, just use the initial thread and add to it. If you have mutiple items for sale or wanted, please post them in one thread. This will save you, your buyers, and the moderators time in reading every post as well as saving bandwidth.

8. If you see someone breaking these rules, PLEASE PM Section525 or myself or e-mail me at [email protected]with a link to the thread so that we can take care of it.

9. Any seller that does not follow through on a sale, either by not shipping the item, shipping a bad item that was promised as good, or not returning someones money, will not be allowed to use the FSTW forum anymore until the deal that has gone bad is taken care of!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Also we (Section525 or Heath) will post in your transaction feedback thread about the deal gone bad with a link to the thread in question. If you don't have a thread, we will start one for you, we will also edit the title of your thread in the transaction feedback forum with a "Bad News Seller" alert and sticky it to the top of that forum. After the deal has been made good upon to the moderators approval then the sticky, "Bad New Seller" and our post with the link to the thread in question will be removed, but you will still be subject to feedback from your buyer. ALSO, if you edit/delete any of your posts in the thread with all of the description/discussion of items in question you will be subject to a possible public floggin (yes I'll let it go in this instance now) to loss of priveliges (from loss of use of FSTW forum up to potential permanent ban from the board completely and permanently). This rule is from today forward (8/17/04) the deal has to go bad today or at a later date.

10. Any and all posts are subject to be edited, deleted, or closed at anytime by the moderators or administrator at their discretion.

11. If you create a For Sale thread please make sure you check it often. Respond to those who have posted in it. Do not just post and leave!

12. These rules are not up for debate and are subject to be changed by Rick, at anytime, so please check back often!!!

13. You must list your asking price.

14. If you don't have your location listed in your profile (or the item is located somewhere else), then you MUST have the items location in your post as well.



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