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For those of you that have rebuilt your a4ld


April 21, 2008
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Houston, Texas
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'92 XLT
Thinking about rebuilding the a4 in my 1992 just wondering how much I should expect to pay. Also are there any other trannies from late model explorers that will just bolt up in my 1st gen exploder? Thanks for any help.

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Look for a 94 Explorer or a 95 Aerostar with a 4.0L. This is the most updated version of the A4LD from the factory. Are you planning on rebuilding it yourself or purchasing an already rebuilt A4LD? Do you have a 2WD or a 4WD?

...You can expect to pay $1500-$2000 ($1800 is common) and up to $2500 at a high quality shop for a rebuilt A4LD...Or, you can take a chance on a $300-$600 junkyard take off...:dunno:

...As for straight on bolt ups, I don't know but someone else may chime in...;)

i have a 2wd. mine only has 95k on it so I'd like to pay to have mine rebuilt. Or the problem I'm having might just be a tranny mount. But I would like to have the ease of mind that my truck will be reliable to drive on the interstate to school and work. Right now I dont use overdrive and usually dont get over 45-50mph due to some issues which i have not diagnosed yet.

It sounds like the kickdown cable might need an adjustment or you are driving in manual 1st gear.

it shifts fine into all gears excep a little bit of 2-3 flair. around 45-50mph when in o/d, if i hit the gas the truck starts to vibrate and accelerate very slightly. if i hit the gas a little more it goes back to third and i have my acceleration back, with no vibration. also if i accelerate hard from a stop the truck vibrates alot, i just let off the gas and then get back on it with less throttle.