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? for those who have swapped rearend w/discs


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April 28, 2002
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94 explorer...sportster
This will be the 2nd rearend I've installed in my 94, but the first one with disc brakes. I picked up a 97 w/ 4:10LS and discs for $200 + donor master cylinder.
I noticed that the master has a cruise switch located on the top, mine is manual trans and does not. Can I just cap off the hole where the cruise switch would attach, or do I need to find a master cylinder for discs made for a manual trans?

Also, before I tear into this I want to make sure I have everything.
Parts ready to go:
Donor rearend w/ calipers
Donor Master Cylinder
New rotors and pads
New parking brake shoes
New caliper pins
Front pinion seal
Steel braided brake hoses (1)left (1)right and (1) to replace hardline
Ford Racing/SVO cover for "bling"

Haynes also mentions something about not removing the master cylinder from any vehicle equipped with four-wheel antilock (abs) system because it allows air into the hydraulic control unit. Which only a dealer can bleed? True or false?

Thanks in advance, just want to make sure all my ducks are in a row :D

I dont know how to answer your question, but where did you score that rear for 200. Thats amazing.

boneyard outside Dallas :D I have been gong there for years, they always have at minimum 15-25 explorers on the lot at any given time. $200 is pretty standard for them on a rearend.

Still wondering about the master cylinder ?

True, unless you find a bleed box off ebay or something. The HCU in 4-wabs is whats called a closed system. If you do removed the master cylinder, air will get trapped in the 4-wabs part (same if you have to remove the HCU). What a person has to do is three (3) bleed processes: 1) bleed the system lkike normal, starting with the farthest caliper, and working toward the closest caliper to the M.C. 2) you would have to install a special bleed box (hooks up electrically, not hydraulically). You pump the brake pedal, then you would hit a button that says :valves: and the valves open up. Then you hit :start: and the 4-wabs motor begins to pump. this in turn pumps all the air that got in the system back into the base break system. then 3) you bleed the base breaks again like step 1.

Hopes this helps