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For those with notchy 5-speeds...


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October 22, 2006
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Huntington Beach, CA
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98 XLT, OHV, 4D, 4x4, 5M
Just FYI, I drained the Mercon fluid out of my Mazda M5OD last night and filled it up with 1/3 Mobil1 synthetic ATF, 2/3 Redline MTL and it shifts much better than before. Still not as smooth as a car, but a definite improvement.

I had previously tried 100% Mobil1 synthetic ATF and the shift action was about the same as regular Mercon. I bet 100% Redline MTL would be even better than the fill I used.

Also the fluid that came out was dark and clearly needed to be changed only after 20,000 or so miles, so it would be a good time to change your fluid!

Mine is a 2000 Ex, 4.0 OHV, 132,000 miles.