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Ford Edge 20" Rims - would they fit ?

i put 22's on my 08 explorer bolt pattern 5x4.5 and tire size 265/35/r22

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hate to bring up an old thread, but would the Adrenaline wheels fit on an 01?

I have the same questions, I have an 03, looking to put those Adrenaline 20" on. Has there been any change in bolt pattern between the 3rd and 4th Generations?

Those are the 20" Sport Trac Adrenaline wheels BTW... and they do look badass! But be prepared to pay a lot for them, around $500 EACH from price I was quoted.Around $400 each for the Edge 20"s, then they are CRAPPY made fake chrome at that... aluminum rim with a plastic cladding (glued on hubcap):thumbdwn: Better off to go aftermarket.:rolleyes:

Does anyone know what the tire size is that comes on these wheels? Thanks

Why not try and find a set of 20" rims that Ford put on the late model '08 Explorers? I think they look pretty bad a$$! :thumbsup: BLING BLING! :D



would they fit a 99 explorer eddie bauer ?

would they fit a 99 explorer eddie bauer ?

No, the offset is different. The IV genreration rims have an ET of 44 mm. The 99 generation II have an ET of 12 mm.
If you install these, they will go more to the inside of the car.

Hub centric spacers and longer lugs would fix that.

I have the original 20" wheels from my 2010 Sport Trac Adrenalin that I plan to sell. These are brand new. I took them off at 160 miles. (Yes, 160). Tires, rims, pressure sensors, mounted, balanced, just as I took them off. Will not be cheap, due to condition.

Oem adrenalin tire is 255/55R20

Does anyone happen to know if the 20" rims that come with the Ford Edge would fit on an 06+ Explorer ?

I managed to scratch one of my 18's on a curb and was looking to possibly change to something different.

Also, if someone has a spare chrome 18" rim that they're looking to get rid of, please PM Me as I'm looking to buy one.