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ford explorer 4.0 sohc power, stalls and sputters ect.


April 14, 2011
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I am new and read many related posts on this forum...but I still have a problem with the explorer...bought it 2 months ago...when I first got it it would start on the first turn and would idle very low and rough then smooth out to a good idle...I noticed in park or in transit if I floor it ,it would miss hesitate sputter loose power ect. One day while traveling it started to drop on rpm and sputtering and finaly stalled... I managed to start it again after a couple of attemts and it ran good for about 10 minutes and do the samething causing it to stall...Cleaned the mass air sensor and it turned out worse so I changed it but was back to the low idles and stalling,,,cleaned the iac sensor retrained the computer to erase codes and it idle a little better and engine light went out,only 5 minutes later the same problem came back...when it does run it seems like I am pulling a 100 tons...did not do that before this it stalled and it took a long time before I could get it to idle and then finally smooth enough to drive...I have to push the pedal slowly to increase speed ,if I push hard it will stall...will not take steep hills or it will stall,

in some cases trying to start I put the pedal to the floor and I can hear pop sounds or back fire... when I push on the pedal easy and slowly it catches and I get a good idle and power to drive another few minutes before it stalls again...I can hear the humming of the fuel pump when I turn the key and when it is runnining I can hear a humming sound from the back where the gas goes....funny thing is now when I start in the morning takes about 5-6 attempts and when it does finally idle smooth it will run or idle for awhile and then all of a sudden it will drop to almost to a stall and then go back to a normal idle or just die down until it stalls out.

Engine light is back on just wondering if anyone have these issues and anyone might know how to correct this... first 2000 sohc 4.0 and had a 95 push rod 4.0.. no problems and awesome rear ended last winter... bought this one thinking I could swap engines... but was told I would have harness issues and other problems??? I still have the 95 explorerwith many new parts... I wish I could swap engines if it would be worth my while...but this sohc runs good too when I first got it... thanks in advance if this can be resolved :thumbsup:

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It could be a dozen things. It would be best if you got the code read so we might get an idea of where the problem is. If you have an Autozone nearby they will check the code for free.

It seems as if you have a fuel delivery problem.They tend to act the same way when you run out of fuel:hesitation,dead pedal,backfiring etc...
Have you changed the fuel filter recently?Fuel injectors may be clogged or you just have a severe timing issue.
If it were the ignition system:plugs,wires,or coil pack you will feel a definate miss when just cruising up hill with pedal in one position.
Just a few things to try. Start with cheap repairs first.

If your "code read" results in O2 sensor code it may just mean a bad plug,wire,or coil pack tower.Note which bank of the engine they tell you the problem is on;that will tell you at least which side of the engine the bad plug or wire is on.

running bad

the day it stalled it was raining...I thought it was bad wires coil pluggs ect, I sprayed water on the wires and coil pack and it idled fine???? I will check to see which code...what about a fuel pressue regulator... I notice a loud hum from the fuel pump...sounds like its working harder? Don't rember it sounding that loud.

Also is it possible to swap a 95 push rod 4.0 in a 2000 that has the 4.0 sohc...I have the harness and computer from the 95 explorer???

just wondering...I turned the key 4 or 5 times just enough for the pump to come on and I find that the truck started better that way but still not idling properly until the 3rd or foruth attempt as mention above...would this be fuel pressure regulator related???

What code do you have? It might be time to check the fuel pressure. That might answer some questions.

i just had that same problem ... i changed the o2 sensor which go figure i made a mistake and changed the wrong one but i went and changed it again today to the correct place (bank 2 sensor 1) before cat on driver side in a 1998 ford ex 4.0 sohc and so far no more issues .... i did check the codes when it first started and it said cylinder 5 missfire so i changed the fuel filter and slowly i got it fixed ... the main problem was my o2 sensor on the left bank before the cat went out ... im not sure if this helps but it might be an idea to check ... i got bosch o2 sensor at autozone for 58 dollars and some change and that was out the door

I've got the same problem. New coil, spark plugs,fuel pressure regulator,fuel injectors,egr valv
e. The truck drove fine when I installed the new fuel injectors. Did an burnout Now back doing the samething again. Rough idle at about 500rpms an almost stalls out step on the gas employees will not go pass 2500. Put in drive will not go anywhere just sputs an backfire. Please help!!

Not enough info. How long have you had the truck? What was it doing before you replaced everything? What lead you to replace those items? Which 4.0 engine - OHV or SOHC? With 95, not true OBII so getting codes requires a little extra work. Is engine light on and what codes can you pull?