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Ford Explorer Centaurus????

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ah the jp explorer such an awesome looking explorer plus pano roof

So i was driving through the parking lot today in my dads Ridgeline and i saw this at first i thought it was a regular 1995-1997 explorer due to the hatch but then i looked at the running boards and saw that it had a cargo box type thing on top, also the front bumper was all one piece (no valance) and had round fogs instead of square...turns out it said Centaurus on the back in ford explorer lettering and had round coverings over the key holes...just thought it was weird heres pics from my phone




couldn't see the inside but i bet theres either a taller roof or storage area up top.

Centaurus is part of the model like in the trucks that it says king ranch well centaurus is a special edition explorer we were lucky enough to purchase one well my parents, at the time it was the most luxuries explorer. the part is there because thats were it has its television, extra sterio, vcr, among other featurs. the inside is leather with wood trimming and in the back it has kinda like running boards make of wood with little light that can be turned on from a switch in th front. it has a 4X4 drive and a 6 cd changer with the capability of being able to play video games as well, it also had head phones and the option to decide what radio to listen to. it has everything a new luxury vechile may have now a days except it had it when all this items werent standard features.

Back in the mid to late 90s. There was a gut on our rescue squadthe had one I think it was the begining to the excursion. It was and F-250 with 7.3 but had the completely closed body. That thing was sweet if I remember correctly it had around a 3 in lift on it but he was still running the skinny stock style tires on it.

lol this was 3 years ago, but thanks gents. I have yet to see another to this date. But since working at an auto shop I have seen many conversion van's that are decked out like this explorer. My uncle had one in the early 90's when I was 8. I remember thinking this was the most awesome van ever because it had a TV, a fold down bed in the back, and lights around the camper top. I asked my dad to buy one. But he's an aristocrat type and likes porches and bmws.