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Ford Explorer Coolant


March 29, 2011
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2002 XLT 3rd Row Seats

I need to replace my coolant. The problem is I am in Ireland and Ford Europe have different coolant specifications than Ford USA.

In the past, Ford USA had green (Premium) and yellow (Premium Gold) while Ford Europe tended to focus on green but did have yellow too.. even if the WSS and ESE codes were different between USA and Europe.

Now however, Ford USA appears to still have Premium and Premium Gold but Ford europe now only stock Orange extended life motorcraft coolant. The dealers insist it is compatible with all new Fords and backward compatible will all old fords. But when pushed, expressed mild concern with my US Explorer 3rd Generation XLT V6 SOHC!

I've checked and this new Orange appears to be also available in the USA... but would you guys use it in your trucks?

The concerns I normally see with Orange in other online sites is it is Propylene Glycol based where ford use Ethylene Glycol, but most people saying this were talking about generic Orange or GM orange.

The Ford Orange is Ethylene Glycol based so maybe it is just fine!

Any ideas?