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ford explorer flashing 4x4 high.low lights

Malcolm Martin

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April 4, 2018
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1999 ford explorer xlt
My 1999 ford explorer has a flashing 4x4 high/low lights, my drive shaft is removed, so it is a two wheel drive, what would cause this light to still flash.

Could be a couple things causing them to flash . Even with the front drive shaft out it is still an awd as far as the transfer case is concerned . go to the transfer case section of this forum & you will find Lots & lots of threads on the flashing 4wd indicator lights . I wish it was a small problem & i could tell you an easy fix . But it could be easy & it could be royal pain . being as you have the drive shaft out you could just ignore the lights . pull the cluster remove the bulbs . again i do wish i could tell you a quick fix .