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How to: Ford Explorer Fuel Pump Electrical Procedure

March 18, 2016
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2003 Explorer XLT 2WD
So did you ever find out whgat the issue was. I'm now having the same problems.


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November 19, 2015
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2001 Explorer
I even bought a code reader to see if I could catch it when it happens. But sense I bought it, it hasn't acted up sense. One thing that I have done was parking back -up in the drive just in case I might have fluid draining out of the fuel rail. But I don't think that is the problem. I do know that it can't be the fuel pump because the vehicle doesn't skip a beat when I drive. There is know hesitation or anything. I just know that when it doesn't start, once it does it will run all the time. This has only happened in November of last year and the year before and not at any other time. Nobody has worked on anything that could've cause a wire pinch or any thing. I am sorry that yous is causing you problems. If it wasn't for this problem, it is a great vehicle. If I ever find the answer I will post it.


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September 26, 2014
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High Desert, Southern California
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2000 Mercury Mountaineer

This procedure was written for a 2000 Explorer Sport with SOHC V6. The wiring should be very similar for 1998 thru 2000 models.

The energizing of the Fuel Pump Relay is controlled by the PCM. If the PCM does not have power then neither will the Fuel Pump Relay.

The Inertia Fuel Shutoff (IFS) switch (located next to the front passenger kick panel) prevents the fuel pump from receiving power after a collision.

The main power to the Fuel Pump Relay comes from Fuse 9 (20 amps) in the Battery Junction Box. The PCM energizes the Fuel Pump Relay for a few seconds when the Ignition Switch is turned to On and when the Ignition Switch is turned to Start. Two persons may be required to accomplish some of the steps. One to turn the ignition key and the other to perform a voltage measurement.

The Haynes Repair Manual incorrectly states that the PCM will energize the fuel pump relay as long as pulses from the Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP) indicate that the crankshaft is rotating. Actually, the PCM monitors pulses from the Crankshaft Position Sensor to determine if the crankshaft is rotating. The PCM uses the pulses from the Camshaft Position Sensor to determine if cylinder 1 is on the compression or exhaust stroke.


1. Turn Ignition Switch to On
Does "CHECK ENGINE" illuminate?
Yes: Go to next numbered step
No: Perform the PCM Power Procedure

2. Do you hear the Fuel Pump run for a few seconds when Ignition Switch is switched to On?
Yes: If desired perform the Fuel pressure test procedure
No: Go to next numbered step

3. This check isolates between a failure in the power path to the fuel pump and the PCM controlled energizing of the fuel pump relay.
a. Remove the fuel pump relay in the Battery Junction Box
b. Install a jumper between relay socket contacts 3 and 5.
c. Switch ignition to ON. Does fuel pump should run continuously?
Yes: Failure is due to fuel pump relay or PCM control of relay. Go to step 9.
No: Failure is due to bad fuel pump, power path to fuel pump or power path from fuel pump to chassis ground. Go to next numbered step

4. Is Inertia Fuel Shutoff (IFS) switch set (button pushed in)?
Yes: Go to next numbered step
No: Depress IFS reset button and repeat step 2 above

5. Is Fuse 9 (20 amps) in the Battery Junction Box good?
Yes: Go to next numbered step
No: Replace fuse and repeat step 2 above

6. Disconnect Fuel Pump/Sending Unit electrical connector (C311) located on the inside of the left frame rail in front of Fuel Tank.

7. Is the resistance from female C311, Pin 7 (black wire) to ground less than 1 ohm?
Yes: Go to next numbered step
No: Clean/tighten the ground connection (G204) located under left side of Instrument Panel behind Kick Panel. Reconnect electrical connector and repeat step 2 above.

8. Is the voltage at female C311, Pin 6 (pink/black wire) battery voltage when Ignition Switch is switched to ON?
Yes: Remove/replace fuel pump
No: Check wiring for breaks from connector to Inertia Fuel Shutoff switch

9. Remove jumper and Swap Fuel Pump Relay in the Battery Junction Box with the Rear Wiper Down Relay in the Battery Junction Box and repeat step 2 above
10. Make sure PCM connector bolt is snug (do not overtighten).

11. Remove PCM connector and see if pin 80 is pushed back.
I'm stuck at procedure #2 I don;'t hear very well so I need to get my wife to help me as soon as she is available to get through the first part of #2.. My Mountaineer has a V-8 and the procedure you recommend is for a V-6 Is the procedure you recommend the same. I will buy the tester you have shown in the piece from Harbor Freight the next time we go to town.


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June 17, 2004
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Knoxville, TN
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98 Limited AWD
The fuel pump initial priming only lasts about a second, not a few. If everything else seems fine, it's a good idea to go rent a fuel pressure tester from a parts store, and check it. The 1999 up Fords should all have a steady 62-65psi running, or off with the ignition on. It should pop up to that almost immediately when the key is turned on. If it's low or slow to come up, then the pump is likely bad or going out. It is possible to have a break in the rubber line inside the tank, and that will bleed off pressure. So if pressure is a little low, don't immediately condemn the pump, although it's senseless to drop the tank and not replace the pump.

You can buy a new pump on eBay for under $45;NEW Bosch Electric Fuel Pump Kit 69128 Ford F150 E150 Contour Explorer 1988-2004 | eBay