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Ford explorer sport auto swap, ohv to sohc swap

No program changes made, I did use my automatic tranny RANGE SELECTOR. U MUST USE THAT. But shes a ripper, lol. Man i can not wait 2 get my turbo! **** that is gonna be the best ever!

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I wanted a one of a kind explorer, well i got more than i bargened for. so so much work, but now i know.

For all you others reading out there, GET A PARTS VEHICLE B4 U DO THIS. lol

But, i learned more than i can think about, and them dang enginers suck. No offense. but they really should be in the field when they design vehicles. then, and only then would they see how hard **** is to work on. But thats why ppl bring there crap 2 mechanics, duh. lol

Great work man. That is great for you being 18. Not only did you do a tough project that has not been well documented, but I believe you did it right, without shortcuts.

I have had the itch to go manual on my V8. I can't imagine the process (for electronics anyway) being too much different than what you went through.

I am over in Duluth by the way, not super far away.

No i didnt make any changes with the sohc pcm, but i will have to when I put my turbo on it next spring. And i made alot of changes in the dash wireing harness. All the colors matched up, just alot and alot of use of the multimeter 2 follow wires. You would have it made if you wanted 2 put in a manual in your 2000, All ud have 2 do is reuse your auto tranny range selector. Just mount it somewhere. Just make sure its in PARK, otherwise she wont crank.

I love the manual tho, just a piece of mind 2 me. Hole lot less **** 2 go wrong, and them manual ( mazda 5speed ) teannys are built tough. I rebuilt mine with aftermarket stage 3 race clutch plates and a new pressure plate and slave cylinder. I went to the cities the past wkd, went to a dyno shop and i am at 250rwhp. Im gonna shoot for 500rwhp with 20lbs of boost. That seems nuts, but will make all this work well worth it

engine performance mods?

What performance modifications did you make to the engine to be able to achieve 250 rwhp?

500hp on a SOHC is a pretty serious goal. $$$ It would be sweet to see though.

Wiseco custom made pistons, 9:7:1 stock ratio, new pistons set me at 8:0:1. Comp cams, stage 3 heads from billet throttle body, headers. Ground and polished crank. The motor was about 5grand. Oh and motor was decked, heads trued up.

I know there were a few other things i did to it, but cant think of what they are. that super six motorsports has bout everything u can think of. They have billet conneting rods for 700-800hp, that would be just way 2 fricken much for most vehicles. Ill stick with my 500hp. lol prolly wont have the boost cranked up to 20lbs much, so most times id say ill be at 400hp, which will still set me in the upper 10s in the quarter mile. still fast as ****. lol

But i will be at least at 400+hp, which for an explorer is crazy. See ontop of the motor build, i gained a fair amout of rwhp just because i have a manual. Dont have any power loss, unlike auto where u got all the crap inside of it. less friction, and alot less parts inside a manual to stress unlike an auto.

And, as im sure u can tell I Hate automatics. them 5r55e trannys werent the best design. but as we all know it, every car manufacture has its own flaw areas. But now i can say i built my own truck, lol. I am just so dang happy its done, I moved my labtop and other stuff back into my room. the past month and a half abouts i have spent over 400hrs in my garage.

SOHC weakness

You're correct that the 5R55E would not have held up very long to 400+ horsepower. I considered building a high power SOHC V6 until I saw what could happen at any time with the rear timing chain guide. The traction side of the guide assembly has no metal reinforcement and can shear off resulting in timing chain slip. If the chain slips enough the exhaust valves collide with the pistons. Did you replace your cassettes when you upgraded your engine?

Heck ya, but i cant rember what brand it was. I got all new guides, chains, and sprockets. haha when i pulled that motor apart when i first got it, i was thinkin like what a horse **** design. I did a lil reasearch on it, sure enough tons of people have problems with the chains either breaking, or the chain streches. I love the manual, SO WORTH IT!

What performance modifications did you make to the engine to be able to achieve 250 rwhp?

i call bs on alot of this thread.i think he swapped a ohv 5 speed into a 99 that had a sohc an 5r trans,hes got thread out after this talking about what to buy for a ohv motor.he used a sohc wiring for a ohv and is using a ohv obd1 ecm.and super BS you hit 250 rwhp with a stock ohv and 5 speed BS:thumbdwn::rolleyes: