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Ford Explorer SVT.....Good or Useless Idea?


January 26, 2001
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I've heard rumors about Ford coming out with an Expedition SVT within the next couple of years using the Ford Lightening's 380bhp supercharged V8. While this wouldn't be as easy to do because the Explorer does not any other models on it's platform with an SVT powerplant, would an SVT version of the Explorer appeal to you?

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First off, welcome to the site! I may be in the market soon for an Acura (donning "flame" suit ;)).

Second, Saleen manufacture a modified Explorer, which (I assume) satisfies the demand for a cookie-cutter performance Explorer...while it doesn't have a "true" SVT powerplant, it does utilize the 5.0 V8, which motivated the Mustang from the mid 80's to mid 90's.

There is a guy on here by the name of Troll who has dyno'd his Explorer at 482 hp & 497 ft/lbs torque, which is probably some sort of record...

There's also the Steeda Explorer, which is almost the same as the Saleen, but with less aggressive styling. There have been a bunch of Ford Concepts, including the Tremor. The Tremor was unveiled in 1997, and used a Mustang 4.6L V8. There's also the current "Urban Explorer," which is lowered and includes 2002 styling cues. I don't know what powerplant it has, though. The latest Explorer related concept (not really Explorer related) is the Ford EX, discussed in this thread:
Do a search for the Tremor and Urban Ex. threads. I'm sure you'll find a lot of talk about the potential for a screaming Explorer.

Actually, the blower that I just installed on my truck was rumored to be originally developed by Ford to use on the 4.0 OHV Explorer. However, they supposedly sold the preliminary designs to BBK, who now manufactures the kit.

I'm pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How come Ford has to design two pickup trucks that are performance orientated, and not a explorer or expedition. I mean what use is a fast pickup truck, hauling to get that lumber to the job site. They even race these things. A fast explorer would mean it can tote people around and not have a hard time towing those jet skis, or have a jeep pull away passing you like you were standing still. I dont like pickup trucks!........... man, that feels better.

Keep in mind the different driving charachteristics between the two typs of vehicles. getting an Expedition or an Explorer to go fast is no sweat, but getting them to stop and turn is a different story. i dont think that it would be a practical concept since most dont buy and SUV for performance purposes. although there are tuners who modify these types of vehicles.

Originally posted by Chief
...would an SVT version of the Explorer appeal to you?

Absolutely! Ain't happening though.

my 2 cents

A kid I know has a Saleen Explorer (1998), and honestly, its not to impressive. But if you are looking for performace, Explorer Express in California puts together what they call the Explorer X. It seems to be a nice truck when they are finished with all of the mods.

I heard somewhere that with the 2002 the 4.6 DOHC V8 from the mustang will fit. Not sure if it is true but I for one would be interested if Ford would put it together.

If they can fit the 4.6 SOHC in, then as long as there is a little more room at the top and sides of the engine compartment, then the DOHC would fit just fine. The heads are slightly wider and the intake is slightly taller, but the rest is still the same.

I was going to put a DOHC into my old Vic at one point and still would have if I had kept it. All I would have needed were the heads, intake and computer.