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Ford Infects Dealers with Computer Virus


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Published: November 30, 2000
By: Steve Blake

Ford Motor Company issued a warning to all Ford, and Lincoln Mercury dealership personnel, on Tuesday, that anyone who might have visited any of three privately operated sites by Ford Motor Company for dealers, could have been infected by the "NAVIDAD.EXE" virus. The virus could wreak havoc on a computer by making any program with a ".EXE" extension inoperable, including Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT.

The virus could also be passed onto consumers that receive email from Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealerships in the form of an attachment also named NAVIDAD.EXE.

In the message sent to dealers Ford stated, "This is a national virus and was not confined to Ford Motor Company." However, McAfee a top software company that specializes in anti-virus software, created its first record of the virus on November 3, 2000 and updated its information regarding the virus just yesterday.

This latest problem is just one of many that have plagued the Internet operations of Ford Motor Company in the recent past. Earlier this year, a glitch caused hundreds of emails to be sent to previous customers of iCollection.com informing them that their orders had been filled, even though consumers had not placed one.

Dealers have also filed complaints with Ford Motor Company regarding their Ford Motor Company hosted and mandated dealership sites. Many consumers have reported to dealers that they wish to do business with that either their Web sites were unreachable or were not updated with current model year vehicle information. Dealers pay approximately $250 per month for this service to Ford Motor Company.

Note: If you believe that you have been infected with the NAVIDAD.EXE virus, here is a link to the information and removal instructions provided by McAfee. http://vil.mcafee.com/dispVirus.asp?virus_k=98881&