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Ford Parts Manual / Diagram


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July 29, 2008
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Long Island, NY
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98 XLT SOHC, 99 EB 5.0L
I'm trying to find some specific parts (transmission to radiator cooling line). RockAuto doesn't have it, the local junkyard almost never has V8 Explorers/Mountaineers. Ford's site is absolutely useless.

Anyone got a source for a parts manual/diagram? Site? PDF?

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Make your own
That's what I've seen on here

Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to make my own...unless I absolutely can’t get my hands on one.

But where do y’all get your Ford part numbers? I hate calling the dealer

Autonation Ford Parts link probably not much help since it's like most retail parts dealer listings. Complete part numbers are given, but many OE parts including hard fuel and oil lines are discontinued anyway. IIRC, an old EF post said that actual Ford parts department catalogs were not available to the public or for sale. Have any friends that work for Ford dealerships? GL

AutoNation Ford White Bear Lake | Parts & Accessories | Auto Nation Ford White Bear Lake

Took me a while to go through the manual, but...


I hope this helps?

Edit: just realized you need the ones connecting to radiator...


Seems you gotta make it, doesn't seem too complicated though.