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Ford posts 12% rise in vehicle sales in April


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WRAP: Ford posts 12% rise in vehicle sales in April

Updated Tues 5/2/2000 14:12 EDT

By BridgeNews Detroit--May 2--Ford Motor Co., the No. 2 U.S. automaker, said Tuesday its total vehicle sales jumped by 12% in April amid strong sales of sports utility vehicles such as the Explorer and high-end car brands such as Lincoln and Volvo. Ford reported sales of 372,719 last month, up 12.1% from a year earlier. Total car sales jumped 15.4%, while truck sales increased 9.9%. "Our new products are generating higher sales and record profits," said Bob Rewey, Ford group vice president. "We're optimistic that this trend will continue." U.S. car and truck sales have roared ahead this year, as consumers have continued to spend freely on big-ticket items. Car sales have also benefited from generous buyers incentive programs from major automakers, especially from the No. 1 automaker General Motors Corp. Ford said it saw continued strong sales of its F-series pickup trucks, including the new F-150 SuperCrew, which is a full-sized pickup with four standard doors. Sales of F-Series trucks rose by 11% to 80,448. Sales of Ford's jumbo sports utility vehicle, the Ford Explorer, were also strong, rising 26% to 36,164. The sales included the new Explorer Sport and Explorer Sport Trac, an SUV with a pickup bed. Ford's high-end car brands also saw brisk sales during the month, with Lincoln rising 44% to 16,540, Volvo sales rising 26.2%, and sales of Jaguar cars increasing by 98.4% to 4,024. End

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