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Ford repairs videos on Youtube from "FordTechMakuloco"


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November 16, 2007
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Hi everyone -

I have been on this forum for almost 10 years, and I have seen many members come and go, and I am happy to see same "faces" for the past number of years.
I also noticed number of new owners joining us which is a great thing.
Most of us here and on other Ford owner forums know Brian aka FordTechMakuloco.
I highly recommend subscribing to his channel and watching his videos. He has number of them pertaining to our generation Explorers, as well to the Gen III which shares lots of components with Gen IV.
I am subscribed and get emails whenever he posts a new repair, just got this one, not exactly our cars, but many similar parts.

Open it and search other videos from him, he used to be Ford mechanic for years from what I read. Great explanation as he does the job using simple language understandable for DIY-ers like us.

I know he has a video for exhaust manifold replacement, spark plug issues, hubs, and bearings.


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Thanks for posting this for us new folks. I know how frustrating it can be to see new people come to a well established forum and ask the same questions over and over. Most people today expect answers without attempting to put in the research. The search feature is a powerful tool. Thanks again!

Not frustrating at all. I am more concerned with the opposite: with me sounding like a broken record and you guys thinking: here he comes with his hub story, here he comes again with his engine story, and so on... :)
There will be always influx of new members and we need that.
And yes, using search usually yields answers to most of the common issues. After 11-12 years on the market, very few things will surprise us here.

For sure FordTechMakuloco is a very valuable subscription and I watch all of his videos even if they dont pertain to me or anything I have or will ever own..... 7 out of 10 times he has a video on what I am about to do and on the same truck

Been watching him for years and without question the best how to vids out there for us knuckle busters

And he is responsive to posts / questions etc.. probably getting harder for him to keep up with all the view and subscribers he has now