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Ford to launch SUWagon


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July 18, 1999
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According to some sources inside FoMoCo, Ford is planning on launching a Subaru Outback style wagon in 2003. 2003 will see an all new Taurus, at that time the Sable will no longer be a Taurus clone and will become the SUW. This wagon will replace the Mercury Mountaineer and will give the green light to the "Baby Navigator". Thoughts?

Stephen Withrow
97 Explorer Limited 4X4 SOHC V6
98 Lexus LS400

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I saw a news blurb somewhere that they were thinking of making the SUWagon the Taurus, and were probably going to change the name of the 4-door sedan to the Falcon or Fairlane! Maybe they've changed their minds...

92 XLT
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This is great news! Give people what they want: an all wheel drive station wagon, and stop de-truckifying Dead Link Removed our trucks. I like all the luxury touches like power everything and leather seats etc. but things like plastic bumpers, soft springs and low ground clearance do not belong on a truck.

Paul Gagnon
Calgary, Alberta
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I'm going to be first in line when the
"Baby Navigator" comes out. From what i
have heard it will have the 4.0L DOHC.
I woder how much $$$ it will be.

"98" Sport 4.0L SOHC

I agree Paul, I think its a great idea.

Fritz, the "Baby Navigator" will be priced in the high $30,000- low $40,000 range.

Stephen Withrow
97 Explorer Limited 4X4 SOHC V6
98 Lexus LS400