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FordGT55's 5.0 Explorer

Hey all, been on the site awhile figured I'd start a registry. My name is Rob, live in Columbus Ohio and attend The Ohio State University. I work at a garage in Westerville Ohio when I'm not in school so I have some mechanic knowledge (still learning) and access to a garage whenever I need to work on my truck (it's a great perk!). I've had this Explorer for almost a year now, bought it in July of 2011. It is my second Explorer previously had a 2001 SOHC V6 that I sold to a friend (I told him not to buy it as the timing chain was rattling but he insisted). This one is a 2000 XLT AWD V8 when I bought it she had 135,996 miles and as of today has 150,850. When purchased it had mismatched wires, no tailpipe, mismatched tires (I was surprised the AWD still worked) needed brakes all around, bunch of small stuff.

Work I've done to it since I bought it:
Within first month:
Switched rims/tires and rear bumper with the previous Explorer before being sold
New plugs, wires, coolant, oil + filter, rear diff fluid, fuel filter.
From then on:
Upper Rad hose + thermostat
Flow master catback later made tail pipe a turn down.
MAC Performance CAI - Recently put an Amsoil filter on it
All new lower ball joints, upper control arms, and all tie rods
New rear leaf spring shackles
Rear coil over shocks
The biggest improvement has been new 17in mustang rims and tires
Lots more that I can't remember.

The previous Explorer before being sold:

Next to the new one:

How I bought her:


2 weeks later:



Random pictures of work and what not:




Still need to and or want to do:
HID fog lights (have the kit just not the time)
Front shocks and rear axle 5th shock
Custom dual exhaust
trans filter + synthetic fluid

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Nice ride. Gotta love 2nd gen 5.0. :D

nice x how many k r ur hids

nice x how many k r ur hids

Thanks! Both head lights and fogs will be 6000k. But thinking about ordering 3000k bulbs for the fogs before I install it.

Well after i finished work this evening I was going to try to take care of my check engine light (P0442 small evap leak) by replacing the filler tube which was bad and the vapor canister and valve that goes to it as well as recharge my AC. BUT I pulled it into the shop popped the hood to check my fluids real quick and what do I see? No coolant in the reservoir cool! Topped it off with water then pressure tested it and started pouring out of my radiator. Just what I needed Napa is closed as it's 9:30PM. Checked to see if Napa at least had what I needed and thankfully they had everything (Radiator, lower hose, and new AC condenser as that was leaking too). So started pulling it so first thing tomorrow when Napa opens I can get my parts.





As you can see I did have some time to replace the filler tube but that was it besides pulling the rad and condenser. Also took the time to remove the overflow tank and clean it out. Hopefully by early tomorrow afternoon all will be well again.

Time to give an update. Have replaced quite a few parts over the last year.
EGR DPFE Sensor, Serp Belt and idler Pulleys, Cam Synchro Sensor, Spark Plugs again, front Shocks, Amsoil 5w-30 Oil Changes every 5K for about a year now, Royal Purple Trans fluid change w/ new filter, and idle air control valve. Today I decided to replace my cruise control switches on the dash so they weren't cracked and worn out, as well as replaced the center console arm rest cover.




New Center Console Cover:

Hey man, truck looks sick! Ive got a bull bar i need to put on my X. I love those wheels

Hey man, truck looks sick! Ive got a bull bar i need to put on my X. I love those wheels

Thanks Ryan! After the winter I'm going to remove my bull bar and replace my front and rear bumpers with the chrome style. Hopefully I'll be able to jam the fog lights in there somewhere.

So my timing cover has been leaking for a couple months now. Very slowly but still needs addressed so what better time than when I have a 3 day weekend so when those water pump studs break I have time to fix it. Couple pictures from today, worked for an hour and a half and should be able to get it back together tomorrow if I feel up to going into the shop at a decent time.


After removing radiator, condensor, fan, hoses, other small things.


So about those pesky water pump bolts.... I got super lucky every single one came out and EASILY. Insane for living in Ohio and 186,000 miles on her.


For those who want to see what the crank pulley removal tool looks like installed


And finally where i left off at today

Hopefully will finish it tomorrow if I give myself the time I need. Have a timing cover and timing kit waiting at the shop, need to pick up a water pump, replacement studs, and oil(amsoil). I will make sure to take pictures of the timing chain best I can on installing it.

Alright got the timing chain done yesterday. Ended up being a much easier job than it looks took a total of 5 hours. Got lucky with those water pump studs, timing cover needed a little coercion to finally come off, and everything went back together fairly easily too. I made sure to put plenty of sealer around the oil pan gasket and so far haven't had any issues with it. If anyone is wondering or considering doing this themselves the timing components literally slide off with very little effort. They need to be pulled on at the same time, and when installing the new kit it is impossible to put it out of time unless you really hammer on the new ones as they have the grooves for the woodruff key. I removed the radiator and A/C condenser just to have a little extra room but it is not needed to do this job.

Everything needed for a timing cover replacement. Not pictured is the new timing kit.

Old timing chain.


New chain and tight and clean!

New timing cover I had ordered just incase I needed it.

Everything installed