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August 24, 2021
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Los Angeles, CA
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2016 FPIU 3.7 NA
Greetings All -

Posting this in the PI section as all of our vehicles were at one time managed as part of a fleet. Wondering if anyone else has had a problem like this, and more importantly, if you did, how did you resolve it.

I purchased my 2016 PIU in August of 2021. It is a former federal vehicle (DHS if I'm not mistaken), and was in service in the Missouri area. It was then purchased by a Ford dealership in Louisiana, and that's where I bought it.

Get it back to California, and get it registered - a few extra steps as I have a Federal title (cool document by the way), but otherwise no problems... except I can't seem to get Ford to acknowledge that I'm the registered owner. Specifically, when I try to get the service history for the vehicle, a message comes up that says I have 'limited access', as Ford shows someone else as the registered owner.

I take a swing at this every few months, but now I'm on a mission as I found out yesterday that not only am I not able to access service history, but they still have the old owner (DHS) as the contact party for notices such as recalls, etc. This is a problem.

After hours on the phone with several departments in Ford, I am told that they are able to change the name and address for notifications with regards to safety, but that's all they can do (they are sending this to a special department, but I'm not holding my breath).

From what I can gather, the reason they can't change information in their system is that DHS STILL has this on their list of fleet vehicles in the Ford system. the representative asked me if the vehicle was reset, as this was supposed to break that connection, but I don't want to do that as I have changed several things in IDS (from FLVPmods, which it looks like that guy is no longer in business), and I don't want to go back to the 'ASBUILT' from factory as I'll lose these functions.

Anyone have any experience here that might help? I guess its not 'critical' that I have access to the service history, but I'd really like to be considered the actual owner by Ford should I run into any issues...

Thank you


My experience - which I exhaustively worked on - is that previous repair history for another owner will not display in your FordPass.
Ford knows I am the current owner, but previous history by the previous owner will not display in the app. The dealer printed it out for me anyway...well, what was in the Ford system

Get FORScan, save your current build, have it reset, and load your build back in.

Hello Everyone -

Thank you for your input on this. I spoke extensively with Ford and they even opened a case for me - am I special or what ?!?

Long-and-short; all responses here are correct - Department of Homeland Security liked the vehicle so much they don't want to take it off their fleet account.

I was able to get them to change the name/mailing address for recalls, but that's about all that I was able to accomplish. Apparently when they tried to update in the system, it would default back to DHS.

Going to be looking for someone in the SoCal area that can help with this (if anyone has a recommendation, IDS first and then ForScan second if a begger can be a chooser) - I had a guy that was able to work with IDS, but his shop closed... that, and it seems like FLVP Mods is offline; glad I saved the files he sent to me (and hoping he is okay).

Will scrape the current ASBUILT from the system, do a reset, and then reload and see how much I can screw this up 👍

Appreciate the input, hope everyone is doing well.