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January 31, 2012
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2020 Explorer ST
If this topic has a general home for all vehicles, my apologies. Just seems that it needs a topic relevant to the new models.

First impressions: it’s wonky. Had to delete the vehicle and add in order to finally get the Vehicle authorization finalized on the explorer. Now seeing FordPass connection/ availability issues.

Good: I like that it shows what looks to be my vehicle (same model/ paint color) unlike the actual vehicle user interface - displays the blue model for all of the (i) sections (really bugs me)

Question: how do I get the points for purchasing the vehicle?

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The points should show up automatically; maybe it takes a few days after you load the app.

Took a little over a week but the points kicked in.


Between the dealer and the points, I’m covered for the next 4. Nice.

Loving my new focus!


7500 mile service, 15k service and 22500 service for free.

I never really knew about Fordpass. I bought my Explorer 16 brand new. Can they give me points for 2016 explorer? I never even had this Fordpass, but it would be nice to get many free oil changes and maybe some other gadgets.
Edit. It looks like you have to purchase new vehicle within 60 days to be counted towards points.

do all the remote features work on the 2020 explorer? Remote Start, unlock, schedule start?

Nice, ty for the info. I now have 3 free service visits. I'm planning first at 3k, hope they dont scoff at that.

Nice, ty for the info. I now have 3 free service visits. I'm planning first at 3k, hope they dont scoff at that.

I think you get certain amount of points and you can do oil change earlier if you want and they will just deduct your points. I have this feeling, because they also said that you can use your points on accessories.