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Fordyce Creek Trail


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September 1, 2006
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Cameron Park, CA
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94' XLT
Well a buddy and I explorered a new Sierra Mountain tral the last 3 days. This trail is located north of highway 80 and runs along the valley next to Hwy 80. Its about 12 miles long and runs from the eagle lakes east to meadows lake. Some people believe it is mor difficult then the Rubicon and it is rated a 10 on the difficulty scale. The difference between this trail and the rubicon is there are very few bypass trail past the most difficult parts. It started out pretty simple with smaller sized rocks and climbs. By day two and tree on the 11 mile trail it was long climbs with massive rocks and rock climbs. We were stacking rock like crazy on the last couple of hills to make our way up to meadow lake. If you have been on this trail you know how difficult the last few winch hills are. There isn't only winch hills, but water crossings trough the fast moving river. And even a bit of muddy swamps and riveens. It was a hoot though. Great way to break in the new SAS;) . Here are pictures of the camping trip on the trail.
At the trail head at eagle lakes exit on hwy 80





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Some more





one of 3 water crossings


Wow! Fordyce as a shake down run, nice work. :)

The carnage report:
Broken windshield
dent in passenger front door
Dent in rocker panel
bubble in the sidewall of my brand new TSL
Broken Add-a-leaf

Sounds like did you like those TSL's on the trail?

Hey can you ummm.. pass some of those rocks over here to the east coast? kthx

I was a little disapointed in them. They are all chewed up and one has a large bubble in the sidewall. On run on them and already have a usless tire. If I were to do it again I would have gone with the bias TSL. CHeaper and bigger lugs on the tire.

freakin sweet man

i like that truck...i'm thinking it might be time to make yourself some sliders??? i would really like to go on that run sometime...i like the woods..:D

If I were to do it again I would have gone with the bias TSL. CHeaper and bigger lugs on the tire.
I run a bias TSL and the compound is not much better (if at all different). Plenty of people on PBB have said the same about most intercos -- their lugs just rip or gets sliced off in extreme conditions.

how far north of san francisco is it???

It is streight east from there. Just go up hwy 80 from SF and you get off on Eagle lakes rd. Its about 15 miles before Truckee

truckee, i knew it well...i lived and worked in that area for's pretty up there....thanks for the heads up...:D

Yea we got to do all we can to keep these trails open. I loved this trail and would love to get back on it soon.