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Forgot to add too my list of small problems!


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June 1, 2006
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'95 XLT
Anyone have any ideas about no working cruise control and no working horn? and yes i've been a member for like 2 years and know how to search...i'm thinking maybe just get a whole good conditioned steering wheel with horn, airbag, and working cruise control from a junkyard would that help? the buttons do not depress on the cruise...thanx

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It helps to know what to look for when searching. Try a search on "clockspring" :thumbsup:

thx J i think that is what i need now that i looked no horn no cruise and erratic air bag light sounds the symptoms from what i read

oh forgot how do you pull and replace if you know?

This is weird now- Snowball, yes Snowball- was doing the same thing- no horn, no cruise. It was a blown fuse in the distribution box that controls the horn relay and power to the wheel for the cruise- it is in the box under the hood, not the fuse panel. It was a big 'ol yellow one. Check that first, I'd put $1.00 on it, which I will send you for the price of $1.00 shipping if that isn't it! :D


By the way- if it is the megafuse, that does it- Snowball and Snow White need to meet. Make icecubes or something... Ha ha!

lol are we the only look a likes on the forum? thx for the info joe

checking the megafuse in a bit haha

hey joe exactly which fuse is it i got the box open but mine never came with an owners manual...thx

joe 20/yellow was blown for the horn but my cruise buttons on the right side do not press in at all i think i need the clockspring for those maybe?

Hmmm. If the fuse was blown, most likely it was caused by something in that switch staying pushed. Sounds like you'll need some new buttons. I may have some, let me check... If not and you can live without them, I should be going to the boneyard next weekend, and can grab some for you. Don't pay the outrageous numbers on eBay for those things.

EDIT- In the garage unused...



These may be from a '94 Thunderbird, I don't think they will work. I think the Ex plugs plug into the switches themselves, no harness thing. Crap. I have a spare set of Ex buttons, but they have the same issue you have.

Good news is that if your buttons wouldn't have been broken, that fuse would have been the reason they didn't work along with your horn! :D

Give me a little bit, and I will try them on Snowball for you and see if they work...

if these buttons work joe i now deem snowball a GOD !!!!!

Any pricing info on buttons joe? would be great thx

I need to go to the junkyard, these are not going to work... :( The Ex cruise buttons have a harness that plugs directly into the button casings. These have a pigtail. Non-compatible. I should be there Saturday, but they won't be more than $5.00 shipped

cool man whenever you get some let me know it might be a couple of weeks though before i can send you some money...i'll pm u soon and give my addy and such

No prob, we're getting snow anyway, but I'm itchin' to go to the yard again. I need a rear bumper trim piece. In fact, I'm posting a WTB thread...

i think you should call it "Wanted For Snowball" lol