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Forscan Compass Code


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November 5, 2017
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Glen Ellyn , IL
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2013 PIU 3.7L
I have been playing with Forscan programming on my 2013 PIU and got the remote key and start working. I would like to get the compass to work but I am having a problem.
My factory IPC code is 720-01-02 OE11 "4003" 19A5. I have tried both " 4063" and "40F3" changes and when I attempt to write I get the " Incorrect checksum of data entered" with a screen prompt either to continue or stop. I do not want to continue so I back out of the programming.
A see other members having 8E11 4C03 1931 changed to BE11 4CF3 194E and 8E10 4003 1924 changed to BE10 40F3 1924. Neither of these changes appear to work as I get the same checksum error.
Should I try the 6 or F enable change and force the bit?


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Thank you Peter!!!

I took a leap and forced the bit to "6" and now have the compass displayed .

Forscan automatically writes the correct checksum even if it isn't correct.