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Forscan tool

Fellows: Being very old school I've ujst "learned" about this "tool" called Forscan.

I youtube it and followed some of the posts there but Im not real sure on what this "tool" is all about.

Anyone use it?

Could you give me a real simple explanation on what it is (a scanning tool of some sort)?

Apparently to down load the software is free for Window Operating systems. The user still needs to purchase the "adapter" to connect the OBDII port on the vehicle to whatever computer (in my case a laptop) one wishes to use. Any suggestions on what "adapter" to purchase.... I'ld want a real good one...whatever that might mean.



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February 28, 2015
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FORSCAN, with the basic download you mentioned, will allow you to view/scan the basic operating parameters of your Ford/Lincoln/Mazda vehicles from 1996 to newer. Generally, the newer the car the more parameters you will be able to view. You will also be able to view trouble codes/lights and reset most (if not all) of those.

To summarize, with the basic FORSCAN you have a really good OBD scanner...but, with the advance license you get:

the ability to turn on/off features of your car that are already loaded into your car's modules. For example, on some of the newer Explorers you can turn off the double-horn honk if you step out of your car with the vehicle running, turn on/change DRLs, change displays on the Sync screens, etc. If you do a Google search, or a search on this forum you will find the codes needed to make changes to your vehicle (I'm not sure what can be changed on a 2002, but searching will reveal that info.)

To get the advance license, go to the FORSCAN website and they describe what you need to upgrade (it's free for now) and what kind of OBD adapters they recommend.

FORScan forum • Index page

I bought my OBD/FORSCAN adapter through Amazon and it works great...once I downloaded the updated driver for the adapter and loaded it onto my laptop.

There is a lot more info out there on FORSCAN, but this should help get you in the right direction.