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Forum Decals and Rage Basket (Attn: Lono)


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February 22, 2010
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'01 Sport Trac 4x4
I'm considering buying a couple EF decals. I may also be getting the Rage basket in a couple weeks. I had a thought...

Can the Rage logo be easily removed without damaging the plastic and if so, what is the height so I can know what size logo will fit?


Lono, I tried sending a PM. Your inbox is full. I added this disclaimer so I don't get jumped on again for making a guy read something he wasn't interested in.

But, if anyone has made it this far: Buy EF decals. If you have a roof basket, put one on it. You're welcome for the great idea, everyone.

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sorry trac! i thought i emptied that sucker last night, i guess it didnt take. anyway, yeah, you can peel that RAGE decal without ruining the actual farring if you took your time with a razor but you wont even need to do that. you can turn it around and use the blank side if you want, the farring can be used on either side, logo or no logo, its up to you. you can just put your own decal on the blank side and wont even need to bother with removing the RAGE logo. hope this helps. now im off to empty my inbox.

Of course. Gotta pay for all September bills first and put $500 in savings before any fun money is available. It's gonna be at least a couple weeks.