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Found a new wheel/rim at Rim-Zone

Hey Guys, I just found this new rim and I'm pretty excited, have a look.

I know it may bore the 22" crowd but I"m very concerned with keeping as close to stock size as possible. These are affordable, I'm sure made in China dropped shipped to my house for Free!!! Rim-Zone on ebay has them, $400 for four in 15". I much rather have Cobra R s or Bullits but can't afford them and I"m concerned that the 17"s will hurt my mpg???

Any pros or cons??? Anyone has bought these, if so send pics, comments etc.


American racing is a well known brand. As a matter of fact that bought Weld Racing with in the last year.

Those look to close to stock Jeep wheels for my taste but that's just me.

When I had my old Explorer was one of my choice. But I decided it was a bit too bland to spend the money on. I definitely think they will look good though.

Referring to the MPG thing, I have 20's and haven't noticed a drop in MPG.

rim zone is a good company i have been in their store its in my town good guys