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Found by chance

Ford MasterTech

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April 1, 2006
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Plainfield IL
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2006 Eddy Bauer
I came across this site stopped in to take a look and this is pretty neet.
I love seeing all this Ford tech talk going on. Great Web site. Hope to talk some of you, and share my Knowlege.

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welcome...ide like to know...what is the strory behind your login name?

Then you will have lots of friends around here.

Indeed welcome to the site... :)

Welcome to the site!

Welcome to the site. I see you have an '06. Your knowledge of the late models will come in very handy around here as most have very little experience with them. :thumbsup:

Delighted to have someone with your background to fill in around the edges. Many's the time that the inside view of things or experience would make all he difference! Welcome to the site.

Welcome to this site! Do you currently work for a Ford dealership? How many years have you been working on Ford vehicles, or autos in general? What is your expertise (engine, transmission, differential, transfer case, brakes, air bag, body, suspension, electrical, diagnostics), or all of the above?

here's the real question: are you an ASE Mastertech?

Glad to have you on the boards


Now um how come it took you this long to find the best automotive forum online? the knowledge here is unbelieveable!

Welcome, post up your truck!

You ought to be popular around here with that log in. And also might want to do some write ups on tech stuff. And of course join the Elites

SkanlaxJMO said:
welcome...ide like to know...what is the strory behind your login name?
Ford MasterTech said:
I'am a Ford Master tech.

Welcome to the site. :thumbsup:

That is some funny S.

Didn't expect a guy in HB to be a big Larry The Cable Guy fan. Stupid me.


Welcome to the site.... :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

(1) Ford TCC grounding problem related to LED taillight bulbs.

Dead Link Removed

(3) Speedometer gear color code chart with Ford part numbers.

(4) Transmission band specification chart with pictures.

(5) Transmission band specification chart without pictures.

(6) 10 different methods of heating your garage.

(7) Information on the 97 overdrive speed sensor (ODS sensor).
5R44E/5R55E ISS speed sensor on 2001, and up models.
Information on the TSS & OSS sensors on a 97 5R55E.
Dead Link Removed
TSB 97-15-28.

Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed
Transmission life expectancy chart #4.
Transmission life expectancy chart #5.
Transmission life expectancy chart #6.
Dead Link Removed

(9) A broken flexplate spacer could cause front seal leaks, vibration, and a cracked flexplate on 2.8L, 2.9L, and 4.0L engines.
A worn front pump bushing could cause excessive converter hub wear, and repeated fluid loss.
A4LD front seal, and bushing information.
Flexplate spacer information from Sonnax.

(10) Glacier991's using a transmission pressure gauge.
Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed

(11) Pictures of PCV valve locations on the SOHC, and OHV 4.0L engines.
Pictures of the location of the PCV valve on a 98 4.0L SOHC engine.
Pictures of the PCV valve, and part numbers on a 2001 SOHC 4.0L.
Pictures of the location of the PCV valve on a 2002 4.0L SOHC Ranger.
PCV valve location on the 4.0L SOHC 2003 Explorer.
How to replace the PCV valve on a 2005 Explorer with a 4.0L SOHC.

(12) Picture of the PCV valve, and its location on the 5.0L 302 .

Dead Link Removed

(14) Transmission fluid application chart.
Information on Toyota transmission fluid.
Dead Link Removed
This article supersedes TSB 01-15-7 to update the vehicle application chart.
Dead Link Removed
Mercon V information.

(15) Josh's rebuild breakdown for the first timer (similar to stairway to a diary but for the A4LD).
Bigg_Billy's 5R55E stairway to a diary.

(16) TN_Explorer's A4LD valve body disassembly journal.
TN_Explorer's A4LD valve body rebuild journal.

(17) EEC-IV 2, and 3 digit trouble codes.
EEC-V (OBD-II) codes.
PCM pin outs.
EEC-IV wiring information.

(18) Stainless steel fuel lines could burst on a 97 4.0L Explorer during a jump start if the bracket near the battery is used as a ground connection.

(19) Information on adjusting the throttle valve, and kickdown cable.
Procedure on how to adjust the kickdown cable.
Information on adjusting the shift indicator, and the shift cable.
How to adjust the shift indicator on a 1996 Explorer.
How to adjust the shift indicator on a 1999 Explorer.
5R55E transmission manual shift cable adjustment procedure.
TSB 04-22-12 Increased effort to shift from drive to park.
Instructions for replacing the A4LD shift cable in a 1994 Explorer.

(20) TSB about accelerator pedal bracket breaking off.
Thread with pictures of the accelerator pedal broken off.

(21) Antifreeze mixture percentage chart.
Dead Link Removed

(22) 10 steps to a clean cooling system.

(23) Information on the fuel sender replacement float (with a part number).
Dead Link Removed

(24) Links with information on octane, and ratings.
Article on octane ratings, gas efficiency, engines, and so called "gas saving devices".
Article about gas saving tips.
DIY guide for improved MPG fuel economy.
Dead Link Removed
Newer vehicles get less mileage because they weigh more than older models.
Tips for better fuel economy.
Tips from a petroleum pipe line expert.
10 ways to save gas.

Dead Link Removed
Chart in the photo gallery.
Dead Link Removed
GM ECT resistance chart.
Chart in the photo gallery.
Air charge temperature sensor (ACT) information with a chart.
Temperature sending unit resistance charts.

(26) BobK's 97 Explorer auto hub rebuild thread.
Gsmaclean's thread on diagnosing automatic locking hub problems.

(27) Glacier991's first generation front brake job diary.
First generation anti-rattle clip location & part number.

(28) BDriver000's 96 Explorer parking brake removal, and installation with pictures.

Dead Link Removed
Information for many Lubegard additives.
Dead Link Removed

(30) 1993 A4LD center support production change.

(31) Glacier991's thread on the A4LD "Z" link.

(32) Sonnax's fix for the A4LD sensitive TCC release issue.

(33) Glacier991's fuel pressure mini diary 101.
KaiserM715's how to check fuel pressure thread.

(34) ATF color diagnostic chart.
Chart in the photo gallery.

(35) Testing an ATX power supply.

(36) First generation Explorer heater core information.
Second generation Explorer heater core, and blend door information with links.

(37) Very thorough 5 page article about the difference in coolants.

(38) Good online stores thread.

(39) List of informative links.
Explorer Forum's list of useful threads.
ExplorerDMB's list of useful threads.
MountaineerGreen's list of useful threads.
Fixxxer's list of useful threads.
JLSparky7's list of How To videos on Youtube.
1AAuto's list of How To videos on Youtube.
High Order1's list of useful threads.
2000StreetRod's list of useful threads.
CmdrPopNFresh's list of useful threads.

(40) Oil filter internal diagram in the photo gallery.
Photo in the original link.
Dead Link Removed
Second oil filter internal view in the photo gallery.
Third link with a cut away view of an oil filter.
Third oil filter in the photo gallery with a cut out view.
Dead Link Removed
Amsoil oil filter exploded view in the photo gallery.

Dead Link Removed
A comparison between regular oil, and synthetic oil.
Article about what kind of oil to use.

(42) Glacier991's thread on mass air flow sensors (MAF).
Additional links for information on MAF sensors.
Gary Simpson's MAF fix thread.
How to clean a mass air flow sensor on an F-150.
Spdrcer34's how to thread on a 4.0L OHV mass air flow sensor upgrade.
Article on Ford Mass Air Flow sensors.
2000StreetRod's thread on testing mass air flow sensors.

(43) The truth about fluid changes, and flushes from an independent shop owner.

(44) Dual battery schematic diagrams with an isolator, and a relay.

(45) Glacier991's thread on governor replacement.

Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed

(47) Link # 1 for M5OD rebuilding.
Link # 2 for M5OD rebuilding.
KPT's M5R1 (Toyo Kogyo) rebuilding thread.

Dead Link Removed
Wire gauge, amperage, and length chart for 12 volt dc wiring.
Wire gauge, and amperage rating chart for 120 volt wiring.

(49) Online math conversion calculators.
Online LED resistor calculator.

(50) Links with technical information, and parts for on board air systems.

(51) Bigg_Billy's intake manifold gasket thread with useful links. This is also known as the 00M12 TSB to correct a P0171-P0174 code.
Dead Link Removed

(52) Transmission cooler line identification chart.
Cooler return line identification chart.
Dead Link Removed

(53) 13 Important things to have when servicing an A/C system.

Dead Link Removed

(55) Information on troubleshooting the fan speed resistor.
Additional information on the speed control resistor.

(56) Explorer Pilot's thread on modulator pin measurements.
Hande's thread on modulator pin measurements.
Instructions on how to replace a vacuum modulator.
How To: Replace a vacuum modulator on an A4LD through the access panel (center hump).

(57) My alternator rebuilding thread.

(58) GEM/CTM/RAP module information.
RAP module, and remote information with Ford part numbers.
GEM module programming.
Dead Link Removed
My thread on this article.
GEM module location on a 97 Explorer.

(59) Automotive acronyms.

(60) Tbars4's interior light, and door ajar quick fix if they stay on.
This part of the thread has information from the January/February issue of Gears Magazine which mentions that the older design power door lock could cause the door ajar code, and prevent 4 X 4 low from engaging if it gets stuck in between positions. The vehicle in the article is a 1999 Explorer.

(61) Blend door fix for the Explorer, Ranger, and Expedition.
Alternate blend door fix.
Second generation Explorer blend door motor fix.
1995-2001 Explorer blend door fix.
1996 Explorer blend door fix.
2003 Explorer blend door fix.
Blend door fix for many different vehicles.
Blend door actuator troubleshooting.

Dead Link Removed

(63) Home made tools thread.

Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed

(66) 1995-2001 Explorer, and Mountaineer keyless entry information.

(67) A4LD Torque Specification Chart.
Valve body torque specifications for many transmissions.
5R55E Torque Specification Chart/Diagram.

Dead Link Removed
Information on the 7786 rear main seal installation tool.

(69) WWW.TransMichigan.Com has links with break out views of many transmissions.
A4LD specification sheet. Dead Link Removed A4LD ATSG PDF.
Breakout views of many transmissions. Dead Link Removed
A4LD, 4R44E, 4R55E, and 5R55E valve body break out views.
A4LD break out diagram PDF.
Dead Link Removed
A4LD diagrams, and part numbers.
A4LD specification chart from Transgo.
Glacier991's A4LD rebuild diary.
Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed
Links with useful information on the A4LD transmission.
A4LDE information with many links, and downloadable PDF manuals.
Dead Link Removed 4R44E/5R55E technical information.
4R44E/4R55E disassembly.
5R55E specification chart from Transgo. 5R55E manual.
Dead Link Removed This is a second link with the PDF. 5R55W servo bore information. 5R55W-S pin outs & resistance chart. 5R55E pin outs & resistance chart. Dead Link Removed
Glacier991's 4R70W rebuild diary.
Dead Link Removed
T5 information.
T5 rebuilding thread.
Transmission tech bulletins.
Tech presentations.
Dead Link Removed
Air test procedure information from Sonnax. Many useful links to articles from Sonnax.
Downloadable transmission manuals.

Dead Link Removed
Spark plug diagnostic chart.
Chart in the photo gallery.
Article with spark plug information.
Spark plug resistance chart.
Spark plug cross reference.

(71) 4 X 4 module troubleshooting, and repair information.

(72) Information on the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor.

Dead Link Removed
TBars4's thread on wheel, tire, and lift sizes.
TBars4's thread on the maximum tire size of a Ranger.

(74) How to install a porcelain hanging wall sink, faucet, and plumbing in a bathroom.

(75) How to install leak proof magnetic drain plugs.

(76) How to make a circular saw blade holder out of a circular fluorescent light fixture.

(77) Solenoid pack differences on the 5R55W/S/N.
Photo comparison.
Sonnax remanufactured solenoid blocks.

(78) Information on how to align the transmission range sensor.
Thread with a video on how to align the range sensor.

(79) Links with information about the access panel in the floor.

(80) How to remove stubborn valve body end plugs (the brute force method).

(81) How to replace an oven igniter.

(82) How To: Make your own skylight/roof access hatch.

(83) How To: Replace a bike's inner tube.

(84) How To: Troubleshoot & repair defective power door lock wiring on a 1995 Aerostar.

(85) First generation Explorer heater core information.
Second generation Explorer heater core replacement information.

Dead Link Removed Sonnax set screw fix for 4R44E, 5R55E case-wall movement & comebacks.

(87) How To: Repair a damaged laptop power supply connector.

(88) Lug nut wheel torque specification chart.

(89) Chart for decoding Ford part numbers.

(90) How To: Add an air actuated safety switch to machinery in wet locations.

(91) How To: Make your own gaskets.

(92) How To: Test & troubleshoot defective thermocouples.

(93) How To: Solve ABS problems on a 1995 Aerostar.

(94) How To: Replace front brake pads on an Aerostar van.

(95) How To: Refill your empty inkjet cartridges.

(96) How To: Make a portable air supply for an automatic transmission test plate.

(97) Cure for rapid flashing turn signals after installing LED light bulbs.

Dead Link Removed Additional information.
P0741 & P0743 codes. Dead Link Removed
TSB 04-24-17 5R55W TRANSMISSION - NO 3RD GEAR OR SLIPPING 2-3 SHIFT - DTCS P0733 AND P0745 - VEHICLES BUILT PRIOR TO 3/4/2002 (supersedes TSB 03-25-4). Second link with TSB information.

(99) How To: Install a keyless entry deadbolt lock.

(100) How To: Repair, maintain, and get the most out of your old tools.

(101) How To: Perform maintenance cleaning of common parts.

(102) How To: Replace a defective sliding door latch.

(103) How To: Replace an overload relay.

(104) How To: Replace a compressor.

(105) Air Bag (SRS) codes. Second chart. Third chart.

(106) How To: Install wheel studs.

(107) How To: Replace a control panel in an oven.

(108) How To: Replace stabilizer links on an Aerostar.

(109) How To: Replace an automatic belt tensioner in an Aerostar.

(110) E-4WD code diagnostic chart.

(111) How To: Replace lift support shocks.

(112) How To: Install a mechanical in wall timer.

(113) WWW.TransmissionDigest.Com Dead Link Removed

(114) Four wheel ABS code chart.

(115) How To: Replace an air conditioner accumulator in an Aerostar.

(116) How To: Refill an old caulk tube.

(117) How To: Replace an alternator in an Aerostar.

(118) How To: Use a router to install mortise door hinges.

(119) How To: Convert a handheld belt sander into a bench top sander.

(120) How To: Replace a blend door actuator in a 2004 Taurus.

(121) Resistance chart for transmission components.

(122) How To: Install floor tiles.

(123) How To: Replace shocks in an Aerostar.

(124) How To: Modify taillights to swap onto an Aerostar.

(125) How To: Wear your multimeter.

(126) How To: Repair an SRS module.

(127) Sure Seal bushing for the bellhousing which doesn't require cutting.

(128) How To: Make a cordless utility pump.

(129) Ford service coolant usage chart.

(130) How to replace a thermostat in an Aerostar.

(131) How To: Replace a power steering pump in a 1995 Aerostar.

(132) Wire gauge selection table for 12 Volts DC.

(133) How To: Replace front wheel bearings on an Aerostar.
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Sorry I havent been back to the site in a while I recently started playing Baseball again and it is taking up a lot of time. To answer some of your questions,You have to have all of your A.S.E certs to be eligible for master statis (buy the way I recently finished my Diesel traning in Wisconsin on the 6.0 ltr engines and have received my Senior Master Statis) I've worked for Ford for the last 17yrs I do everthing in my shop a journeyman should know and do all at a Dealership and I have 10 guys under me so I have to have a broad spectrum of knowlege. At the present time I have been working on a lot of Diesel problems with the 6.0 and it is getting on my nerves. Got to get up at the crack of dawn (double header to make up for rain outs) if I can help anyone out drop me a line and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Take care everone !!!!

new member... old explorer

Have a 98 Ford explorer 2dr. sport that is towed behind our 40 foot motohome. Towed all 4 down and with all the "stuff" in it looks more like a trailer than a vechicle
Found site by doing search on Google.

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Welcome to this forum! My list of useful threads in post # 17 comes up a lot when I do a search on Google too.