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Found my mystery noise!


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December 10, 2002
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East Lansing, MI
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'02 XLT
I am so happy! Yes sorry for yelling in the title, but I AM VERY EXCITED!

Since last week here in Michigan it was above freezing, almost 65 on Friday I was riding with they windows down and the heat off which made my idle lower and me able to hear noises from outside better.

Well I discovered a HORRIBLE noise on top of my mystery squeak. If the RPM's got around 800-900 it was this horrible grinding that you could feel in the steering wheel. At first I thought it was the t-case because thats where I thought the noise was coming from and I got really bummed. I got home and was looking over things and had my wife get in and put it in drive to get the RPM's lower so I could hear anything up front. Well turns out it was the damn alternator. This is the 5th alternator I have had in 4 years.

It took me 15 minutes Sunday to replace and my grinding noise is gone and so is my mystery squeak. I am so happy! Now the only rattle I have left is the exhaust hangers that have rusted through.