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Found plastic in my oil pan Need advice!!


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January 18, 2010
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'02 XLT 4X4 4.0L
2002 Explorer XLT 4.0L 4X4

Well today I decided to take the bottom plate off the oil pan just to see if there was any metal or plastic in there and you guessed it there was some plastic though not very much. less than 1" sqaure if you put all the peices together and looks like it came off the very top or bottom of the guide or tensioner.

I had a rattle at 2500rpms like the TSB says for the timing chains but about 2-3 weeks ago I replaced the lower plentum gaskets and knock sensor and the motor is very quite with no rattles at all.

It runs better than it ever has right now with 140,000 miles on it.

But I had to check.

I found alot of it stuck in the oil pick up screen and that explains why I had lifter rattle at start up which is gone now.

So my question is, with the motor having 140,000 miles and not making any rattling noises and running better than it ever has, would it be worth it to pull the motor and change the timimg parts?

If so could I just change the guides and tensioners and skip the chains and sprockets?