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Found Superchip for $170


May 21, 1999
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its at there having a sale on the chips..I havent looked any farther in to this..Everywhere else the chips are like 225 at the cheapest.

I sent them this e-mail:
"I saw your ad for a superchip for $170.
Is this also for an Explorer as well as a Ranger?"

Their reply:
"You bet! As long as your motor isn't a V10 supercharged motor, the
Ford price is $170.00 plus shipping. This is the last month we are running
the special. However, our normal charge is only $180, so I'm pretty sure we
still beat most of our competitors by quite a bit even at our regular price.
If you would like to wait, just remind me when you order that I had offered
you the discount and I'll be glad to let you have it, even if you order one
a little later.
Let me know if you would like to have me burn a chip for you. I'll
need the code off of your computer and some payment info. We take credit
cards or money orders and need a full name and address, etc.
In addition, if your interested, we also have K&N filters for the
Explorer, which are a very popular mod for the Fords. K&N filter would be
By the way, where did you here about us? We offer an extra discount
if you found us off of certain web sites."

Just thought I'd post this!!!

Some days you get to be the Statue,
Some days you get to be the Pigeon!!

i found you guys off the link page from Dead Link Removed I';m always there checking out what they have to say or suggestions to do with the 4.0.


your super chip how does it compare to a jet chip and all the other chips I new into this chip thing and I would really like to purchase one ...... tell me what all it should do for my 94 explorer v6 4.0 auto tranny