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found these at the bottom of the atf pan!


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November 8, 2014
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brighton colorado
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1996 ford explorer
Ive been searching forever trying to find out what these are, i was changing my transmission filter because it had a "lag" shifting from 1st to second all other gears were fine and when i lowered the pan i found these sitting at the bottom of the pan. Can anybody tell me what they are??? Also this is my first post and i am unclear on how to upload photos so i hope they work! Thanks in advance

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if its a yellow plug with a o ring on it, not to worry. they put those in the trans from factory in the dipstick tube. when they put the tube in, it just gets pushed inside and floats around.
as for pics, you can post them using photo sharing sites like photobucket

i dont think those are the ones, i thought my picture uploaded. let me try them again. its kind of hard to describe kind of like thick metal forks! horrible description but ill try the picture again! bear with me please

I only drove it once after, and that was just in town but other than the delayed shifting it was fine. Im not sure about the higher gears but before the atf change it was running good. The od light always seems to be flashing though i read means something is wrong with the transmission i believe? Lol

Ya it looks like you broke a band. Those hold and adjust it

found in the pan

That is for the intermedit band you should not drive untill you remove transmission and repair I just purchased a 2003 with 150k on it because transmission was drivin with a broken band and it broke a hole in the case good luck Mike