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FourXFred's Ranger

FourXFred's Elite Explorer

This was originally for my explorer, but she has since passed away, so im updating it for my ranger.

However, my ranger has had a slight setback (severe rollover), so i am updating it for my new Toyota Tacoma.

EDIT: Toyota Tacomas suck. Ill blab about my busted ranger, cause as my friend chris said "I still like your ranger more than your taco, even if the ranger roof is touching the steering wheel".

So heres the truck: :roll:

1997 Ford Ranger XLT
Regular cab, Short Bed
Engine: 4.0 OHV, K&N Drop in filter, Bosch platinum +4 Plugs, Autolite Wires
Tranny: 4R55E in somewhat working order
Transfer Case: B/W 1354 Manual conversion in progress
Hubs: Warn locking conversion in progress
Lift: 3 inch body lift will be put in during the cab swap, along with a 4 inch superlift suspension kit.
Tires: Currently 31x10.5 BFG A/t, but i will be purchasing as large as i can afford when i sell my tacoma
Body: DESTROYED!, but planning on custom front bumper, and snorkel, along with blue/white racing stripe paint job. already got a good price quote, and i should be able to afford it and tires when i sell the tacoma.


and in the past:

frame flex rocks!

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I'm glad to see another Mass owner join the ranks of the Elite.


good job fred! its about time ;)


Welcome to the elites. :cool:

got some more motivation. heres a few pics:


Exploder all clean and shiny:

My Caterpillar 938G
Dead Link Removed

Congrats Fred!

The X looks great........ but I like the CAT!!!!

Yea MA explorers!!

whel, i guess its about time i throw up some pics of the ranger. heres my new truck. ill get wheeling shots up when i get a new digital camera.



heres the WEAK list of mods ive done to it.

31x10.5x15 inch all terrains
Sony Xplod head unit (worst $170 ive ever spent)
Husky Toolbox in the bed
Reese class 4 hitch
Front lisence plate brakcet removed (actually, it fell off on the highway, and im calling it a mod)

its a 1997 4.0 4x4 Short Bed Regular Cab
got the god damn 4r55e
got the damn BW1354 Electric
got the god damn mother @#%#!NG Auto Hubs
got a damn 28 spline 8.8
but its got captains chairs, power everything, and loaded to the max. ive got a question for ya, whats the point of power chairs in a standard cab pickup truck? they cant recline, they cant go back, and they only go forward like 3 inches. its a ford thing, no-one understands i guess.

edit: got a 1999 explorer sport today
4.0 OHV
5 speed manual
fully loaded
85k miles
ill post more later, along with pics

Congrats Fred!! Nothing like a 5spd.

Back to the Explorer fold...way to go!!

Congrats on the new explorer... So do you still have the ranger and tacoma? And (stupid question) are you going to wheel with this one?