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i here that AC Delco filter and Wix Filter are great

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the wix filter is a dana/spicer unit... the axle guys.....

i've always used frams but now i think i'll be switching

what filter would you guys reccommend to run with synthic oil...i want to get max life out of the filter before i need to chnage it, if possile maybe like 5k out of the filter...

anything from Purolator to K&N, if your willing to shell out the 10 bucks for the K&N filter

Originally posted by Ford_Racing_Guy
anything from Purolator to K&N, if your willing to shell out the 10 bucks for the K&N filter

I use the K & N and have also used the Mobil 1, both excellent filters.

K&N oil Filter.

I was just in an AutoZone in the Dallas area on Sunday. The K&N 3001 (FL-1A eq.) filter was $12.99, the Mobil 1 filter was $11.99, and the Ford Motorcraft FL-1A filter was $3.50.
I will stick with Motorcraft.:)

Motorcraft is a pretty decent oil filter,

i usually use Motorcraft myself,

but this late time I was a little short on cash so i bought Advanced Auto Brand Oil and the Total Grip filter made by Advanced Auto,

but next time on with the FL-1A again,

the K&N oil filter at Advanced Auto run around 10 bucks, and the AcDelco filters are around 8 i believe, then the purolator Fram and Motorcrafts around 3 bucks, and the TotalGrip is about 2.50

I wonder who makes the Advance auto brand oil filter.. Maybe I'll go pick one up & cut it in half & see what kind of media it has..

I don't know,

on the box its says Compare to Fram,

but is not made by Fram

but if you do cut it open, i wanna know what you find

I have 114K miles on my 96 "X".

I use 10w - 30w Castrol GTX w/ Fram Filter (orange one) from Wal-mart and I change the oil at either 3K miles or when my CPU tells me it is at 25%.

Anyway oil when drained still looks gold. Great gas mileage BTW.
Oh and I pull a 4000# boat in the austin hill country. So yea my little oh OHV 4.0L does work it's a$$ off tuggin that boat around ;) .

Castrol GTX is good oil

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is a link i found off the site i also belong to... not sure on hte validity of the info on that page but it seems like good info....

i just read this whole site.... it basically says purolater is good, mobil 1 is good and ac delco is good...... what is the best in your opinion?

Well this thread is about who is the worst. After changing oil on 2 trucks a couple of weeks back choke one up for another non-believer on FRAM. BOTH trucks were running with no tapping sound the next morning after changing the oil and oil filter. I just wish I had changed sooner to Motorcraft.

MAN....I'm having the feeling that the person who started this thread is an oil filter salesman! anyway here are my 2 cents, I have used Fram filters and valvoline 10w30 in every car I have ever owned (26 and counting) and never had any problems. My last vehical was a 87 jeep xj and when I sold it 2 years ago it had 247k on the original drivtrain and the person I sold it to is still driving it! I have 123k on my 93 xlt and have had no engine problems yet. My wife has 160k on her 94 jeep xj with no engine problems. I think it is just a matter of how you take care of your car and how you drive. Back in the day when I worked at a Ford garage I saw alot of screwed up and siezed motors some had fram filters some had motorcraft filters some had other brands . the point is no matter what you use if you take care of your car and change the oil on a regular basis I dont believe it makes much difference what you use.

I hear you BigDadys. I, too, wasn't having any problems with my trucks but they both have that tapping sound at start up that usually goes away after driving it for a few minutes. For years I thought it was normal and it was supposed to do this until it fully warms up. But I will take no tapping sound over tapping any day.

^ yup, i had fram on my car and everytime i started it up it knocked for several seconds and then it was fine,

someone told me that it could be because of the Fram filter cause they are know for their faulty anti-drainback valve,

so the next day i changed just the oil filter, i put on a Motorcraft one instead, added a half a quart of oil and holy ****, its never knocks at start up anymore

I've had a lot of LOUD engine knock during start up at times. It seemed to occur more often in colder months, and until reading this thread, I never even thought of linking it to the filter. It's time to change my oil so I switched back to a Motorcraft FL-1A, and come to think of it, I did notice that my oil got dirtier faster when I used Frams. But, I did pick up a Fram Suredrain Plug or whatever and thought I'd give that a try