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Frame to body bushings


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March 11, 2014
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Goose Creek, SC
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2002 Ford Explorer Sport
Hey guys!

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport, Dora. I got her during college and can not part with her.
About a month ago, my Dad and I were changing the transmission cable on my explorer, when we saw that the body mounts have dry rotted. I've tried to find replacements bushings, however it has been very difficult and frustrating. I can find the bushings for the Sport Trac model but not the Sport model. I was looking for some advice on where to order the bushings, can I use Sport Trac bushings or Ranger bushings?
Also, for those who have completed the project, what advice do you have?



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Welcome aboard.

There is a sticky at the top of the page detailing what you're asking about. You can order bushings from Napa, O'Reily, Advance Auto, Autozone, RockAuto. I just did this over the weekend. Just follow the sticky.

Thanks! Can you send me a link to the posts? I tried to search for it, but came up dry.


Years ago I found my right front was worn metal to metal causing a chirp. At the time after market was unavailable. Do U plan on replacing all of them or just need one?