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Free and extra cheap parts. Atlanta area. Only a small window of opportunity. 1995 model.

March 2, 2011
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Atlanta, Ga
City, State
Atl. Ga.
Year, Model & Trim Level
96 3L Aerostar
4 great tires on plain steel wheels 80K mile tires FOR FREE ...I just need your bald tires to get it to the recycle yard in a day or two. Engine and tranny good, body good, has wiring issues CODE ENFORCEMENT SAYS SAYS ITS GOTTA GO WILL NEGOTIATE FOR WHOLE VAN SAVE ME A TRIP TO SALVAGE YARD..... SCRAP IS $7 / 100 X 5k LBS $350 IT WILL BE GONE 4/.9/21 AND iLL TAKE THIS THREAD DOWN thank you